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Forex Trading Indicators and the Ever-Changing Market Conditions

Once you enter the world of Forex Trading you will notice immediately the need to use technical analysis to find trends when looking at the graphs and also the importance of being aware of the point that started the trend from then you can ride it to the end. The Forex market is heavily tilted to the trend as you can see many ups and downs in short periods of time and therefore this is where technical analysis is necessary and very effective.

Forex Trading

Forex Trading

But you should always remember that the indicators give you only high probability expectations about market behavior during the trade, but they will never tell you the actual behavior of the currency rates in a complete certainty.

If you want to become a Forex trader you will need to use many technical indicators and as much as you can you should create a personal Binary Option Club trading strategy based on a combination of these indicators in order to know the right direction as accurately as possible. In other words, the Forex trader will try to distinguish the main direction, the medium direction and the short term trend and accordingly he is building his trading in this direction based on his rules and telling him the time period in which he can keep his trading center open.

Forex markets are constantly changing, which is why you should always have open standards when using technical indicators. Markets will always change, so using different combinations of technical indicators will be necessary over time to get the most accurate and most likely prediction regarding future currency behavior.

If market movements show the correctness of your judgment, then you should consider staying with the current market trend and then maximizing your profits with each trading center in accordance with your own risk-return and capital management rules. If you find yourself facing a bad day in the market when it moves against you, the smart investor will take its profits and exit quickly from its current trading. In a narrow market, when prices do not move much in a specific direction but in a limited range of movement, there is no point in trying to anticipate major market movements that will come later.

If you should always be attentive and able to use a large number of different indicators to keep up with the market and become a winning trader by the end of the day.

Forex Traders Need to Know About Crossing Currency

Why crosses the road? No, this is not what Forex is meant to cross.

Cross currency in Forex is one of the most profitable ways to make money for many investors. Forex is different from any other type of market in the world. The exchange market is characterized by high liquidity, where the circulation of more than two trillion dollars a day. The three currencies most commonly used in the Forex market are the US Dollar, the Japanese Yen and the Euro. These currencies are traded in a way that exceeds the circulation of any other types of currencies.

With the currency exchange market so large, it is highly liquid. Cross currency in Forex allows a great deal of flexibility for the trader and the investor. Forex gives the trader the opportunity to buy and sell currencies quickly as he is not trapped for any type of investment. While investors use online trading in the form of currency crosses, the trading platform can be prepared in advance according to the trader’s preferences. If trading trends do not move in the expected course, the trading platform can be set up to stop trade and then allow the trader to reduce losses during the Forex trade.

Learning to trade in the Binary Option Club Scam Forex market can also be profitable and exciting. In order to successfully trade in Forex it is necessary to understand how the market works and also the terms and trends associated with it. Brokers and financial institutions are usually the best way for traders to learn how to use Forex to make profits.

When an investor or any other individual wants to trade a particular currency against another, this is called currency swaps or currency crosses. Cross Currency is the main objective of forex trading. For example, if a company or investor has US dollars and wants to trade against the Japanese yen, the broker will allow them to do so in the Forex market. Many investors trade currencies in order to generate profits. When a particular type of currency is bought at a low exchange rate, the currency can be resold as soon as the price rises and profits are generated.

Learning to cross currencies in the Forex market may be a bit complicated. The main factor in Forex trading is that you have knowledge about how the market works. In addition, there are other advantages to trading using Forex. Cross-Currencies Give traders the leverage they need to make huge profits while minimizing the risk of capital loss. In ideal circumstances, an investor who deposits $ 500 in his accounts can earn more than $ 100,000. T

The currency segment also allows traders and investors to make a profit whether in the event of a market rally or fall. This is also one of the differences between the stock market and the exchange market. In the stock market, an investor can only make money when stock prices rise in the “bearish” market when stocks fall, investors can not make any profits. While with currencies in Forex, this is not true. This is one of the most attractive things to trade in the Forex market as investors can make huge profits by trading a currency pair either up or down. Intersection of currencies in the right direction always earns profits.

Another advantage of Forex trading or currency crosses is that ArbiCash always stays open. When trading in the stock market, the possibility of trade remains limited at times when the market is open. This market has times to close during the week. This is not true in the Forex market, which remains open all the time and does not close at all, so traders benefit from the possibility of trading 24 hours a day via the Internet.

Learning Forex Trading may be easy when the investor goes with an experienced broker or financial institution. Also, there are many ways to learn how to trade in Forex through free trial accounts available on the Internet. These sites offer valuable sources and free ways for the new investor to enable him to practice Forex. This is very important for those who want to identify the entrances and exits of the currency exchange before they start to open a real account. Mini Forex accounts are also a good way for a novice investor to let him trade Forex without risking the usual calculations. The Mini Account allows traders to use a small amount of money as their initial investment.

Think About The Risks Of Crises

Think About The Risks Of Crises Has changed a lot of risk behavior and responsiveness to market views since the beginning of the beginning of the global financial crisis, while it does not seem that the main prevention measures did not provide additional thing seems to predict the risks became unavailing, and companies face managing acceptable risk challenges, and in his Omnia Investments APP Review discusses, a professor of science Finance and banking at the College of Business (IMD)) Switzerland (best practices for companies that used during the crisis to face the risks and seize the opportunities.
Uses valuable danger kept thinking of a future office and reports of the danger that is used to put the board members to sleep, is no longer the case, it has increased concern on the impact of the risk a huge increase, and gained those companies that have developed special skills and which has a flexible and nimble in receipt of risks is an important feature.

We find that the best practices are limited to four dimensions are:

Examination of physical health _ why we are going for?

Examination Mental Health – Can we put our hands on the right problems?

Strategic examination – Are we doing the right moves?

Examination of control – Are we enough awareness continuous Palmkhtr?
Perhaps it governs the lack of any of these dimensions of the company failing or non-implementation, and when times were stable, this is often not noticed, though, so the denial is no longer acceptable today, become the funds are scarce and dwindling supply Fund strongly and become more difficult competition, however, and even under the current circumstances, and will some kills well, despite all the benefits, it will be the work of wealth, but to achieve this, it is important that Omnia Investment companies must focus on all four dimensions that ensure awareness of the danger.

Daily Trading

Daily Trading

Health screening: technical risks

First and foremost, the physical health examination is necessary, and now should be on every company should be aware of where she is damaged and, ideally, you will also be aware of where it came from complaints customers and suppliers, and in spite of the existence of the economic crisis, but some companies still seem at a loss when faced with difficulties, however, we need Epeshkla urgent to open our minds to understand the new risks and prepare ourselves to them, and Inma even good preparation can never prevent the risk entirely, but it helps organizations rapid and diligent to interact with danger.

May come threats and opportunities from several different and unexpected sources, for example, has contradicted a large the traditional view of the banks about the danger the survival of the market, credit or operations, and suddenly gathered became risk complicating interdependent and connected, and directs capital and the disruption of markets and the volatility of all values ​​boost display and one to the side of the creditor and the side-by-market operations and banks, and therefore we can not rely on the old estimate must be reviewed Khtttna, and for that we propose four operations the following steps in order to excel at the technical risk.

1. Identify your risk.

Risk identification is very htm to make you follow the approach climb from the bottom to the top, and often reduces your employees – whether

It was one person or one department – the big picture, and despite the fact that the views of senior management should be developed

Ahead of the summit approaches, which amounts to the bottom through open lines of communication in the company.

One of the well-known companies and start when the danger was told their board of directors has decided to conduct a comprehensive survey comprised

Most of the Omnia APP workers, after the data collection Council has told their findings: In most of the staff was evaluating

Commitment (VAT) estimated constantly alarming high impact, which nonetheless reverse effect, and perhaps lead


That it has been found by workers survey to biased results if they were to leave the viewpoint of senior management completely, however, remains unchanged summit approaches, the bottom and listen to different viewpoints important as the following example illustrates: in April 2007 told the dealer in the (UBS) about the existence of difficulties in products designed a sub-boss John Costas, the difficulties may be in a run by John Costa, a strong signal to the senior management’s (UBS), was head of the office recognize the signs and closed Costas device and incorporated into the investment Bank’s (UBS) with weak risk identification, and the results they talk with themselves.

Perhaps the old ways need to identify risk to the audit, and in this medium proves re-think we are beginning to take a grant (such as bank deposits) which may become the essence.

2. assess your risk

After identifying risks, the risk assessment is crucial to a better understanding of potential scenarios, and it seems impossible for a good analysis of the risk factor by definition they carry the unknown, and so the role of such assessments help the growth of awareness and develop a common language that can be used in communication and expectation.

And a lot of tools available to assess the risks, and recommended to use multiple tools for large investments or in sensitive areas, and sensitivity analyzes (graphs of Hurricane repressive or graphs spider) and scenarios and Monte Carlo simulation, all useful addition to the actual valuation carried out by such as those people Almqarbin of risk factors, The goal is not to increase the paper work, but to create awareness of the impact of the real danger.

Does Have Small And Medium-Sized Enterprises An Advantage?

Does Have Small And Medium-Sized Enterprises An Advantage? It is well known that small and medium-sized enterprises are an important catalyst for growth, development and diversity of the countries at all stages of development. Despite the established concept of 100K Factory Revolution entrepreneurship in the Gulf Cooperation Council and the large size of the sectors of small and medium-sized companies in the Gulf countries, but there is still the capabilities of a wonderful diversity and sustainable job creation has not been utilized yet. Dr. Stephen Hertog lecturer at the London School of Economics and Academic Director of the International Institute for Family Business addresses at length the challenges and trends in small and medium-sized companies in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

Family Businesses In Switzerland

Family Businesses In Switzerland

Describes an extensive study made from 2008 to 2010 in cooperation with the rooms of European trade, the Chamber of Commerce German Emirates and the Federation of Chambers of Commerce of the Gulf Cooperation Council [1] that small and medium-sized companies the Gulf often focus on low-profit activities and employ the proportion of foreign workers is even greater than those employed other private companies. To overcome the current limitations of 100K Factory Revolution there is a need to reconsider the government support policies and orientations as well as companies on human resources and corporate governance.

Small and medium-sized companies in the Gulf region: what we know and what we do not know about

Data on small and medium-sized companies in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) are often on the total number and what it represents the percentage change in each sector and the total contribution to the labor market are limited. And are not available until now in the Gulf region in general, the 100K Factory information listed in the statistics of small and medium companies in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) countries, such as profitability or continuity rate or capital cycle.

However, describes the general features that define the sectors of small and medium-sized companies in the Gulf that small and medium-sized companies comprising at least 90% of all companies in all countries of the region. A large percentage of small businesses in the trade sector as well as other important sectors such as small workshops, hotels and restaurants and construction work, while less importance in industry and other sectors that require possession of a large capital.

Small and medium-sized companies in the Gulf tend to be low-profit small activities and service activities. The division of these companies on various sectors in mature markets is more of diversity and balance.

It provides companies with 100 jobs to the proportion of employees between 40 and 63% of the private workforce official in the various GCC countries, compared with about 60% in the European Union. In the cases of the Gulf Cooperation Council, where we find small and medium enterprises and micro, it is clear that in spite of the numerical dominance -companies infinitely Alsgralta has 10 employees in the formal labor market rather modest – they provide between 10 and 30% of total official employment opportunities in various Gulf cooperation Council (GCC). When compared with their counterparts from the infinitely small European companies, we find that the rate of up to about one-third of all private sector jobs across the continent.

This is the GCC log Gulf weak in particular with respect to the employment of citizens, where it is estimated that 98% of the staff of small and medium-sized companies in Saudi Arabia are expatriates, while the arrivals in the private sector, the proportion of the whole in Saudi Arabia to nearly 90%.

The 100K Factory Revolution Bonus data on the contribution of small and very limited for small and medium-sized companies in the Gulf of the national economy. But because small and medium-sized companies pay, on average, lower wages and running in less profitable activities and less vulnerable to the heads of big money compared to large companies, the rate of contribution to the private economic activity lower than in private sector jobs, with potentially up to 30% and no more, It was much less than the contribution of their counterparts in the European Union, where the ratio is approaching 50%.

There is a lot of innovation and dazzling growth among small and medium-sized companies in the Gulf States stories. However there is no contribution to the total cross section of small and medium-sized companies are still in the diversification of activities and hire a few people to some extent. What are the factors that hinder the role of small and medium-sized companies in the Gulf modernize the economy?


Are similar to many of the problems that hamper the development of small and medium-sized companies in the Gulf with those in developed countries and developing countries in general, while there are other things limited to the Gulf region alone.

Access to a single funding from the general problems Alshahyrh.ofaqa to a study by Dan and Bradstreet, the banks in the UAE in 2008 refused to about 50 to 70% of applications for loans from small and medium-sized companies due to the high risk and the failure of the applicants to meet the requirements for obtaining a loan . 55% of small and medium-sized companies can not get the loan that she needed. In contrast, in the EU and in spite of the recent economic crisis, more than 70% of the companies got all or part of the bank loan requested, while categorically refused to about 15% and this according to an extended study of the European Union included in 2009.

Aattabrohd reasons that may make local banks avoid lending to small and medium-sized companies is relatively large administrative effort when dealing with them. However, in many cases they are rejected loan applications for a strong justification: such as poor and primitive accounting skills of many managers of small and medium-sized companies; and there is often a lack of feasibility studies and business plans. Moreover, the implementation and collection of the guarantees in the local courts are sometimes slow procedures.

Delegated managers expatriates to do the daily operational processes dropped, especially in the smaller Gulf states and in the front-Financial resources leads to a reduction of innovation and the acquisition of skills among owners of small and medium-sized companies. As long as there is the possibility of achieving a steady flow of income through a few activities profitability and a little effort on the part of the owner, it will continue to be an aversion to innovation and risk aversion prevalent in small businesses.

The business model in the Gulf tend to the individual clearly, where there is little cooperation among small and medium-sized companies with regard to procurement and supply chain and marketing. And it could mean a lack of business planning and low profit margins as well as limited access to skilled labor. SMEs often suffered low wages to its employees with the absence of plans for professional advancement or expectations in the long term.

As small and medium-sized corporate governance continue to exert a lot of effort in dealing with local bureaucracies While become investment easier for big investors in the GCC environment, it is still often burdensome for smaller companies, and this is what makes it more difficult Altenbabaloamal and thus undermines term investment opportunities run. A study conducted by the Riyadh Chamber of Commerce that the bureaucracy is the most important obstacle to the development of small and medium-sized companies in Saudi Arabia:

The most important obstacle to the development of medium and small companies, according to the study of the Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Governments have undertaken the task of developing small and medium-sized companies, it has appeared several support programs during the past decade. However, these programs are still far apart and unrelated studies and follow-up operations and the systematic evaluation of the results of policies are rare and few. It was possible to innovative models for business services and custody services developed in the emergence of some regional institutions look better if the preparation of such reports.

One can criticize the idea that a lot of software continues to provide direct financial support to fund the projects, whether they are viable or not, without distinction between them, and each provides services easier it will be provided through private business services companies.

Small and medium-sized family companies as companies

It considers almost all small and medium-sized companies in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) are family businesses, and therefore the challenges of small and medium-sized companies become challenges for family businesses as well. And the opposite is true, as faced by small and medium-sized companies the usual problems in family businesses, such as the distinction between ownership and management and prepare succession plans and the separation of the family for the company’s financial hand things and many others.

It may make it difficult family dominance of attracting qualified managers from outside the process, and the focus of the authorities in many family businesses may pay as well as family members of people with talent to leave the company, which will aggravate the position of human resources for small and medium-sized companies.

The existence of structures and systems are not fixed low-profit company usually means that there is not a lot to be handed over to the next generation. Family links provide confidence, but when you think it might replace formal governance systems, usually the result is the deterioration of the company’s once changed family circumstances. The average age of small and medium-sized companies in Saudi Arabia is 7 years, reflecting in turn decrease the continuity of these companies rate. It is recommended that governance reforms in the Gulf of small and medium companies, not only to transform them into productive businesses with higher value added, but to preserve the wealth of the family as well.

The need for higher value-added

The challenge is not for the sectors of small and medium-sized companies in the Gulf region in the quantitative growth overall, and that has been achieved through continuous fetch foreign labor process, which had a relatively small return in the long run for the citizens. But a challenge is the qualitative growth of the shift to the technical and administrative sectors of the most complex and sophisticated allow the diversity of products, and wages and profits large enough that the staff needed from citizens. To achieve this goal, we must overcome the current model for small and medium companies, which is based on the provision of all companies for the same service and low-profit products.

This change should stem from within companies, but on some levels to help governments can, for example:

Use of leading national bodies to coordinate and evaluate the support of small and medium-sized companies policies and collect the information available and then merge them available to the public.
Limiting the concentration of support on the sub-sectors with higher value added, and that can provide employment opportunities for the citizens policies.
Direct support for small and medium-sized software companies to provide the environment that allows for the growth of these companies instead of relying on subsidized loans and business support services free.
Strengthen cooperative systems between small and medium-sized companies in marketing and purchases and share infrastructure and business services.
Measure the performance of the existing support programs through monitoring tests and publish the results.
The establishment of outlets dedicated to supporting small and medium-sized companies and governmental bodies.
Under the right circumstances, can the GCC family businesses and small to become a primary catalyst to provide job opportunities for citizens and diversity on a large and comprehensive framework. In Europe, companies that have 250 contributed to an employee of increasing employment by 85% from 2002 to 2007, is necessary to the existence of an enlightened policy of small and medium-sized enterprises to overcome the social and economic challenges that young people and the unemployed in the GCC countries will face in the coming years.

The Best Ways To Lose Weight Fast In 2017

Many people suffering from obesity or even overweight or topical obesity, and most suffer from the inability to lose weight, even with the use of many of the harsh 2 Week Diet Review sometimes, and some of them feel despair and stop it, and here we will give some very important tips to protect against obesity, and start a new life properly.

Lose Weight Fast

Lose Weight Fast

In the beginning we will give important tips and glorious must be taken into account by, namely:

Water: the most important food item in the weight loss process, the individual must eat 12 cups of water a day; for protection from drought, and work to burn fat, and get rid of the present in the body fluids.

Seasoning: Many of us believed that the spice reduces weight, it is harmless and quite useful, but this is not true at all; because the spice has many negatives, working on weight gain.

Stay away from mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, and so on, because a tablespoon of ketchup equivalent to a teaspoon of sugar and mustard in spite of the presence of sodium is important for the human body element, but it has a fat and calories the body hurt dramatically.

Fast Food: Many of us believe that the fast food is healthy meals like chicken sandwich or eating a bar of Simulators, or eating skinless and grilled chicken, for example, all of this is a misconception, these meals are unhealthy; they contain bread and biscuits, ketchup, mayonnaise, cheese, and many types of sauces filled with spices.

Eat bread: Eating bread either wheat bread or white bread, it is no different, and is equivalent to that we eat sugar, but it does not cover all types of bread and so be sure of a place to buy bread, or prepare ourselves at home.

Fiber: you should eat meals and foods that contain fiber, such as vegetables; they reduce the level of sugar in the blood, and is working to lose weight faster as possible.

Insulin: A hormone produced by the pancreas, we must control the rate of insulin in our bodies, and insulin is also called (fat storage hormone), the secretion of insulin after every meal increases, and this proportion of fat increases the body, and if we have reduced calories, and sugars in our diets, yoga burn zoe bray cotton works on burned, and do not store anything in the body.

Keep the body in a state of nutritional balance: acclimate the body to a certain value of calories, to slow LOSS body process, and is also working to stop losing weight altogether, and the solution is to change the calorie level in our daily meals, and to clarify that we will give an example: he must we take and a great breakfast, and we take lunch medium, and small dinner meal, and this may be changed in calories, and the next day are also working on the change for the first day.

These are a few tips to help weight loss well, and we did not want to give special diets; because everyone knows, and followed, but many of us are unaware of this very important tips in his life.

The easiest ways to lose weight

The easiest ways to lose weight are those indirect clear that Tsoukna to the desired goal without being tainted by misguided ideas, and with the proliferation of different diets and promote the many false weight-loss methods, we can say with confidence that the easiest way to lose weight are those health based approach to assess the nutritional status current full by dietician assessment, identify errors, and then begin to address gradually, where it should be based treatment of obesity and overweight on gradual change in lifestyle, must combines integrated health diet, and balanced, and diverse, and temperate, and that control the calories and give enough of all the essential nutrients for the body (3).

In order for a person to feel that easy losing weight should not be starting a large number of changes at once and setting goals is logical, but it should gradually develop a plan for long term work changes and entered into the daily lifestyle (3).

Determine the health of the body weight

Any person interested in the weight of his body so as not up to the weight of conflicts with his health, and there are many standards that have been developed to assess body weight and, unfortunately, seen a lot of people to keep us informed media about body image too skinny as a perfect body and the dream that everyone wants access him, especially women, and unfortunately this image affect the satisfaction a lot of people about their weight even if they are within the normal weight or even below normal.

This photo also particularly affects children and adolescents, and lead to many wrong actions with respect to diet and body weight, such as diets that rely on extreme deprivation, hunger and abuse of drugs slimming pills blazing fat, which negatively affects their health. Given the criteria used for the selection of fashion models and beauty queens who consider them a lot of people a measure of ideal weight, we find that their weight has decreased over the years (2), have arrived at the present time to weights less than normal often (4), which also contrary to the health, where the body becomes when it is in the weight of lower than normal are less able to resist diseases, especially those that included malnutrition, such as cancer, and women with weights below the natural vulnerable to a defect in irregular menstrual cycle and the inability to reproduce, it can also be adversely affected by the health of the baby if the mother’s weight less than normal when during pregnancy is associated with less weight than normal osteoporosis and high fracture rate.

Therefore it must be self-acceptance and not to be affected are the ideal weight is transmitted by our media, as you must know that the definition of the ideal weight is not fixed, but is variable over time and from one society to another, as some communities assess Beauty overweight, and that the definition of the ideal weight does not normally it is determined standard of the impact of weight on health, but other criteria, so it should not adopt the ideal weight that is being portrayed to us by the media and society as a goal or motivation to lose weight, but you should always look at the health and relationship with our weight out and how it affects them, and make them the primary goal we are losing weight and making changes in the pattern of our lives for him.

Are assessed body weight and associated health and not the shape using the body mass index (BMI), which is calculated from the following equation: body mass index = weight (kg) / height square (m²) (2).

Is It Indeed Possible To Know Market Timing?

Is It Indeed Possible To Know Market Timing? We might know the concept of market timing search process carried out by the traders or investors for the best timing to enter and exit the market, whether it is the stock market, bonds or currencies or futures.

Talking on the concept of market timing, which means essayed market participants from Step 2 Wealth System traders and investors know the right time to enter and exit from the market and not the working hours of the markets. Investors have repeatedly since the creation of the various financial markets to try to predict future trends of financial assets to search for the best times to enter and exit from the market in order to achieve the greatest possible return.

Market Timing

Market Timing

Therefore these individuals have developed multiple methods and theories in an attempt to anticipate price trends. It is still currently the concept of market timing is known as a continuing debate between the parties that support this concept and the parties who claim that market timing irrelevant in Step 2 Wealth Scam investment and trade. In this article we will talk about the concept of market timing does actually can be used to predict the prices of assets in the various financial markets
What is market timing?
We might know the concept of market timing search process carried out by the traders or investors for the best timing to enter and exit the market, whether it is the stock market, bonds or currencies or futures. Through the study of the technical data and historical price of the asset or through a macro-economic data, and to try to predict the future direction of this asset.

And usually does these traders to trade or invest in the short or medium term. It aims traders through the process to reduce their exposure to risk by trying to purchase at the lowest price possible and sell at the highest possible level, and vice versa in the case of entering into a short sale. These traders is not based on the underlying data is usually an asset, but an attempt to take advantage of the fluctuations that occur only in the short term.
Is market timing actually possible?
According to many investors, the market timing is impossible, and most of these investors are investors who are carrying out investment in the long term and who are called Bmsttmra “Buy and wait” (buy-and-hold investors), they rely mainly on fundamental analysis in making their decisions. And they support their opinion the theory of market efficiency, which states that an asset’s market price reflects most of the available information on the origin and therefore impossible to predict the direction of prices in the short term. Warren Buffett, the third is the richest man in the world and the most successful investor ever, one of the most supportive of the idea that the possibility of market timing is impossible. It is always advisable to look for companies that priced its shares to be undervalued and do purchase it because the price will rise over time.

Critics and supports the concept of market timing on the study of financial figures of the company Kalaaradat, market share, and net profits, financial indicators, because it is impossible to predict the direction of the market in the short term, because the markets in the short term is impossible to know the vagaries of unpredictable. Also, a study conducted by “Dalbar” an economic and financial research companies, and carried through which analyzed the performance of the two samples of the investors in the stock markets in the United States for 20 years, and the result was that investors who rely on market timing their performance was less than investors who buy and wait by 4.66%. Because the first category attempts to search for the best timing for the market were not successful.
So market timing just messes?
The answer is simply not in spite of the above, and the evidence on this is that there are many individual traders and institutions that have achieved great success by relying on Zman market trading in the short term, the best example of the famous “Renaissance Technologies” US hedge fund, which manages a total of 65 billion dollars of capital, and this is a hedge fund based on trading strategies ranging from fractions of a second (the so-called high-frequency trading) to a few days. This is the company of the most successful hedge funds at all / It is the year 2001 to the borders of 2013 was the worst annual return made by the company is 21%.

Nevertheless, market timing is very difficult, because the statistics indicate that most individuals traders who rely on market timing lose their money quickly. It may require a lot of effort and time to become a trader can rely on market timing and trying to figure out the best times to enter and exit. Due to volatile markets dramatically and can not predict future trends. And so that you can skip Market Timing, you must find or invent a strategy will provide you a statistical exploited for profit, meaning that total profits are always higher than the confirmed losses group, but did it feature you should do an experiment of this strategy on historical data to make sure of their ability to achieve positive results.