Month: August 2017

A Sneaky Way to Steal Someone Else’s Forex Trading System

A Sneaky Way to Steal Someone Else’s Forex Trading System, Anyone who is serious about Forex trading will need a detailed trading system, although there is no logical reason to start building your Forex Scorpio Code trading system from scratch.

Why are you trying to reinvent the wheel while you can benefit from the experiences of others that have been extended for years, or in other words, why do not you borrow the ideas and concepts of your trading system?

Easy to do, there are a number of great forex trading systems that you can use. Some of the owners of these programs offer their system to others free of charge while others offer what they have at high prices, although the high cost to be paid to buy a trading system may not reflect the actual value of this system. Also, some of these systems may not be useful to you and are not meant here for honesty or professionalism, which is not a big problem in circulation. But what we mean here is your ability to use the system effectively in your trades, which should be considered if you decide to buy or use the trading system.

Forex Scorpio Code

Forex Scorpio Code

You should use a Forex Scorpio Code trading system that suits your lifestyle and personality. For example, if you have a daily business (other than trading), the Forex trading system which requires keeping in mind the screen throughout the day will not be right for you, as it may affect your other business as you will lose many opportunities that may make a profit and even worse Which hinders you from effectively closing your trade and then losing your money.

Some trading systems have the potential to lose 20, 30 or 40% of the value of your capital before you start making profits. Can you deal with such a system that could lose you half of your money before you start to make profits? Or are you willing to carry a continuum of eight or ten consecutive losses before you start doing a successful trade? Some of the best traders in the world lose more than half of their trades and these things seem necessary to take into account when you are creating your Forex trading system. Choose multiple faces from different trading systems that can be assembled from creating the best trading methods for you.

One of the most excellent trading methods that has become famous through its owners Richard Dennis and William Eckhardt, sometimes referred to as the Turtle trade is one of the best forex trading systems known so far. Using this method you can get returns of 20 to 100% during the year. But the question is, can most traders trade with this system? Not a coincidence! Richard Denis and William Eckhardt also lose about 60% of the trading positions they open.

Once you know what Forex trading system is right for you, you can look at the necessary ingredients that make it effective. If you are a new or serious trader, you are likely to end up with new concepts. There are also a number of other smart and very wealthy traders. So why not use their ideas. For example, you can consider the way turtles trade for Richard Denis and William Eckhardt. This system mainly depends on the “break” method, although most traders may not be able to trade using this method completely or fully, but they can take parts of it such as the idea of ​​technical break to confirm the beginning or end of the trend.

Also you can use some other trading systems which give you the general outlines of the parts of the forex equinox russ horn system that can be used to make profits. All good Forex trading methods have these three fundamentals:

1. Rules of entry,

2. Capital management rules

3. Exit rules.

Study and learn from existing Forex trading systems, borrow concepts from them and even steal their ideas. This will put you on the right path to access the trading system that makes you a successful trader.

The secret of success with Digital Cash Academy in e-marketing

The secret of success with Digital Cash Academy in e-marketing. There are many methods and approaches to e-marketing or internet marketing. It is important for any website owner to know them:

 The foundations of electronic marketing

Article Marketing:

The style of article marketing involves writing an article and then posting it on the articles directory website. When you write an article for the manual you can link to your site in the profile of the writer, at the same time will read the article interested in the subject of the article. If you can raise their interest more, they will enter your site for more information. This technique is one of the methods used to build links (backlink). Thus increasing your site ranking for the search engines, which will increase the popularity of your site. If you have a website about cars, you can write an article about cars and then publish them in this type of site.

Marketing using forums: forums of different types are a forum for people who share similar interests to discuss such concerns, and anyone can join this forums. Most forums allow their participants to place a link to their site in the text of the signature which appears below any comment written on the forum.

Digital Cash Academy

Digital Cash Academy

Search engine marketing: also known as search engine optimization (SEO), is intended to improve your site in terms of design and content. Search engines use mathematical equations to determine the rank of different sites. When a person searches for a topic, the Digital Cash Academy Website appear ranked according to their ranking for the search engines.

Marketing pay per click (Pay Per Click Advertising): is one of the most important e-marketing methods, and starter to do is the marketer to pay for each click on their announcement, paid to the owners of sites by companies specializing in advertising exchange (Ad Exchanges). There are many types of marketing per click, SQ specialized search engines like Google Edwards, and fixed advertising (Display Advertising).

Link Exchange: and it is when you place a link to your site on the second site, and the owner of the second site is developing a link to its location on your site, and at the same time, you can pay a small amount to the site owner in exchange for setting your link on his site. These methods are used to increase traffic on your site.

Press releases: In this way, press releases are published in various newspapers and media. You write these press releases in order to create awareness about your company or website, while at the same time adopting backlink links to your site.

Marketing is a sharp spread (Viral Marketing): the objective style of viral marketing is to create something wonderful and creative, and distributed to subscribers in your site and then do they publish what they have created, it may be a short film funny or expressive image, and this is not important what is important Is to create something people will want to publish,

Affiliate Programs: Customer programs in e-marketing are based on a simple principle. The owner of the Digital Cash Academy site agrees with the owners of different sites, they publish your site and you pay a commission after each sale came through the customer. To apply a successful client program you will need a client program to help you manage these programs.

Blog: Blog marketing is an important technique in e-marketing and is popular by marketers and search engines. The e-Blog is an electronic diary of the sites and used to inform subscribers about the latest developments of the company. It is possible for any site to create an electronic blog and start talking with a customer about all topics.

This is a list of the most important methods of e-marketing and is used continuously in the world of the Internet. In the future, I will expand on styles and talk about the new rich media and content marketing techniques.

10 reasons to use video marketing for your products online

Video marketing has become one of the basics of e-marketing, and if you have no idea why you should rely primarily on video marketing, let me tell you the top 10 reasons to convince you to use video to market your eCom Crusher products online.

1. Increase your sales

Studies conducted over a long period of time have shown that it is possible to increase your sales by just posting a simple video file on your site talking about your product. This simply means that the videos you put on your site are equal to automatically increasing your sales rates, as well as increasing people’s conviction, search and demand for your product / service.

2. Build trust and credibility with your customers

People are usually hesitant to search for products online, because of course because of the numbers that talk about fraudulent attempts in this area. Anyway, when you create a video talking about your product on the Internet, you will find that people feel more confident in your product as well as in your brand over time.

Lurn Summit

Lurn Summit

3. You will be able to bring visitors to your site

Popular global video sites such as YouTube and MetaCafe are often used to promote your video, and a wide audience of internet users would like to get their information primarily from the video, thus being their first visit to such sites.

You can build a broad base of customers interested in your product, not only that, but also bring more visitors to your site through such sites, by placing your link in the description of the video .. This method can add more visitors to your site And better than promotional texts do.

4. Your brand will get more fame

When you market your website, your customers have more opportunities to see your brand better by seeing it in a video. This is not my personal opinion. According to statistics and surveys conducted with clients on the Internet, 97% of them have proven that they remember the brand of the product if it is displayed in a video.

5. You will have the opportunity to increase the number of your customers

A professional sales manager knows that 50% of his potential sales come from his or her old customers in one way or another. So when we launch an online video explaining the product you are creating and bringing thousands of visitors from around the world, your product will get On the emergence of more customers, and this means the presence of more people interested in your product / service, and thus increase the rates and prospects of sales.

6. You get competitive advantage

Although online product marketing has become very popular now, Lurn Summit has not been used extensively with all types of business yet, and this point increases with video marketing. So when you are ahead of your competitors to rely on video marketing, you are already taking a competitive advantage that will help you immensely to advance on them and get greater returns for your business.

7. Get a clickthrough rate (CTR) higher than usual

Numerous studies have been conducted on Internet users that have shown that CTR is much higher if the video is used. No more texts in the search engines. If your business builds on this fact and uses videos in online advertising, this will drive more visitors to search engines.

8. Increase Your Rankings in Search Engines
When you use video to market your products / services / site, your search engine will increase at a good rate, because search engines see videos faster than text, and video is faster and easier to access.

9. You will have the ability to keep your visitors longer

When your site has many videos, be it instructional, educational, advertising or otherwise, the visitor will have to stay on your site longer while watching the video. This will increase the average time on your site and reduce the bounce rate. Of course, it increases the rate of conversion to purchase, but it also contributes to raising your level in the search engines .. The greater the rate of survival of the visitor on your site increased the strengths of your site from more than one side.

10. Increase the social contributions to your site

According to statistics, the most interactive and social activity and participation in social networks is .. Watch videos. So when you use video in social sharing sites, you increase your chances of fame and popularity, especially when visitors share Lurn Summit video with others, and this means that the video should be an attractive feature. All this translates positively to your online presence.

Create a video to identify your site or product? Let’s help you! In Digital Business we have long experience in this field. Also we use video marketing for our own products ..