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The Nine Secrets Of Profitable Trading In The Forex Market!

Well, they are not really secrets, but they are nine important things I personally do or have done before and have helped me to become a better trader. Unfortunately, there are no secrets. Secrets for making money from the market, but there are things you need to do because you probably do not, which will increase the chances of becoming a successful trader, so so as not to prolong you, here are my nine secrets that many can not hide for successful trading in the market Forex:



1) Choose one method of trading and make it clear and easy, and do not waste your time trying to understand 15 indicators scattered on the surface of the graphic screen like a piece of abstract art. The truth about trading strategies is that finding one with a high probability of profit on the market is not that difficult, but if you overcomplicate and confuse yourself in doing the transaction, you yourself will be seriously hurt for your trading account. Focus on me, the trading strategy should be clear and should be effective as well, but at the same time it should be so simple that even a 5-year-old can absorb it, and I’m serious about what to say.

The trading method that you have used for many years is the strategy of price movement (obviously not), it is easy and effective and flexible, and it does not take much time to understand or apply. If you want to master trading you can choose one of the trading strategies on the price movement and learn how to trade it All market conditions.

Let’s say, for example, that you chose to learn the coffee bar at the beginning. The best way to learn this model is to trade it from the main levels within the structure of the upside or bearish market. Do this first and make sure you are profitable for three consecutive months or more Forex Master Levels Review strategy just before moving on to something else.

2) Sign your deals and follow a certain type of written plan. What I mean by anticipating your deals is to make sure you do not rush into the market out of fancy or without any prior reason. You should always make sure that you are based on logic and objectivity in doing your transactions, not on recklessness and emotion (like the rest of most traders). Therefore, all major levels should be charted on the chart screen and if you have mastered trading using the price action, then you can look back Waiting for the model to form at the main market level. This is called the “purchase priority” of your transactions … Instead of entering and leaving the market, you are monitoring predefined areas in the market and waiting for the price action patterns to be formed near them. Once you form your transaction form, you plan to enter the deal and enter the buy and sell order And the target profit, leaving the hard part remaining on the market, go to play “billiards” or otherwise and I am serious about this, do not sit and still think about the deal after entering, stop a little thinking and maybe make some money from the markets.

3) Record your deals in a note To keep a written record of your performance, I can not tell you exactly how important a trading note is, except to say that if you do not keep a trading record or at least analyze your trading history and the net balance curve regularly, it is unlikely that Check a fixed income from the markets one day.

The real process of updating the Forex trading market will help you maintain your discipline and organization. This is part of the development of positive trading habits that are very important to a successful trader in the long run. I do not care if you think updating your record is boring at the moment. , And stop complaining and start doing what you know you should do to become successful. I can assure you that if you waste time and do not maintain organization and efficiency, you will never win the money you want from the market. You need to check your trading history. Regularly until you see something Tangible reflects your ability or Adzkm trading, this will work on being with in the foreground.

4) Do not just listen to what you are told by a graphic screen, because it reflects everything! This is true, the price movement without additions, and the screen of charts without indicators, reflect all the variables that affect the movement of the market, so do not get caught up in economic news analysis and watching the CNBC economic news channel, learn only to read the graphic screen and then leave Price action determines trading decisions, not what analysts believe in television programs. Do not trade what you think will happen, just trade what you see actually happening in front of you on the graphic screen, what I mean is that just because you think the EUR / USD will rise does not mean it will actually rise, what you think has no effect On the movement of currency pairs in any market, all that matters is what tells you the Secret Profit Matrix Review market index on the screen charts, so learn to read charts and trading through them instead of other external sources.

5) Do not covet otherwise will never achieve any benefit. Greed may be one of the most common reasons why most traders fail. “I leave a little money to the rest of the traders,” said the late Renee Rivkin, a well-known Australian broker and trader who has an old belief in greed. “Here are some tips on how to avoid greed:

• Set a goal before entering the deal – yes, that’s right, you should have a goal in your head before you enter the deal, and it’s best to set the exit point before entering the deal. The exit process is not an accurate science. Sometimes the deviation from your initial exit plan is logical, but you should always decide before the transaction enters into what is your ideal exit strategy and then seek to stick to that plan as much as possible and do not change your exit strategy You think the deal will continue in your favor forever, and only change it if you have a very clear reason for price action to do so.

• Never set a breakpoint away from the opening point of the deal – and what I mean by that is when you enter into a deal, the market may begin to move immediately in reverse of the trend in your favor. Are you moving the stop loss point away from the current market price? You keep it in place? Obviously, the only logical thing is to accept your loss and keep the stop-loss point where you set it in advance. However, many traders send me e-mails telling me that they have moved the stop loss away and that they now have a very large outstanding loss that they do not know how to behave. The answer to the question is that you must accept the big loss because you did not accept the small loss … Always accept the small loss by not moving the stop loss point away from the entry point of the deal.

• Ground to Accept Profitability – If you have earned an acceptable profit of 1 to 2 from the risk to profit and there is no clear reason to try to change the Stop Loss order, then in any case make a profit! Do not leave the deal hanging just because you are happy to keep the market moving further in your favor, promise to the ground and notice that the market has tidal waves and that the market is likely to move in your favor quickly from continuing to move in your favor if you have already earned profits To double the size of your risk.

• Only change the stop loss position when the transaction is continuing to make a profit – I am trying to change the stop loss position only if the profit is more than one and a half times the risk level and the transaction is in a very high trend or a clear break that is likely to continue beyond the resistance level. Do not start moving the stop loss away simply because the deal moved quickly in your 7 Figure Cycle in the first ten minutes of entering the deal. Give the deal some space until you grow up and breathe, trading like the garden should give him some time to grow trees and taste the fruits.

• Do not live on hope – I look forward to looking at it as a catalyst for greed. Traders often hope that their trades will continue to move in their favor forever, or hope they can move the stop loss position even slightly away from their position, so that they will regain their profits again. Although hope for the absolute is benign in all areas of life, trading the Forex market may cause you to do things that are not wise and rational to destroy your trading account.

6) Give some courage, because trading was not created for the faint of feelings or cowards. That’s right. If you lose five consecutive deals, you will still cry and sob, so forget about becoming a trader. Do not trade unless you have the money you can lose, it is very simple. You may lose money when trading, many traders seem to forget or overlook that fact. So you should not trade with money to deal with each transaction as if it were a matter of life or death. You should not worry too much if you lose a deal because a single transaction can not determine your future in trading. Your success as a trader is the result of many trading months and not just a month or two. Do not get excited whether you win a deal or a series of deals. Keep your neutrality and act as skillfully as mature-minded professionals instead of acting like young school boys when they earn $ 100. You should be strong enough to become a successful trader in the Forex market and even focus and trust yourself. It is okay to bet a little in a deal if you are confident, but keep in mind that this is not recommended unless you are 100% confident of mastering a rapid trend gainer review trading strategy. .

7) Do not change the way you trade, stick to it, put your trust in it, because all trading methods will be losing deals and losing periods. So do not panic and run away when some of the losing trades meet you. Instead, you have to stand up and take it, make sure you keep using your strategy and use one, such as price action that is simple, logical and proven effective over time.

A random entry method based on a coin ballot may probably bring more money than a trader who follows three different trading methods and is still looking for the magic wand every day. In fact, the magic wand for long-term success … is to commit to something and to trust in it … and not to hesitate when the opportunity arises.

8) Make sure you can sleep at night because if you have been unable to sleep because of your circulation, it means that you have risked large sums. Do not risk taking the size of a learning center that is too big for you, because then you will definitely be psychologically preoccupied with this deal that will cause you to be unable to sleep and become more agitated. Not to mention the stressful and aggressive situation of risking huge amounts that will make your wife or roommates most likely want to kill you or send you to a mental health clinic.

You have to calm down and relax … The market will not break in. You must trade on a position of a financial size that you can deal with psychologically, not an amount that causes your anger and your nerves to collapse every time the market moves in your favor by a point or two. If you find yourself sleeping at night repeatedly to check the latest price quote on your laptop or iPhone, you know you’ve been busy trading. Some people risk large amounts of money motivated by excitement and enthusiasm, others are motivated by foolishness or greed. Whatever the motive, make sure you risk a reasonable amount, but not the amount that puts you on your heart from fear, not the amount that makes you fall asleep on your desk in front of your computer screen!

9) Always give yourself some reward, because if you do not, who else will do? When you make some money from the market you must reward yourself, and do not reinvest all you earned in a desperate attempt to increase your trading account indefinitely. Let’s be honest with ourselves. You’ve entered the market to make money buying a few things, be it a house or a car or you’re looking for a job. You will not buy anything if you keep all your money in your trading account. Reward yourself This will help you to find motivation and motivation and develop positive trading habits.

Now that you have revealed the secret and you know the nine secrets of profitable trading, there is nothing to stand in your way except fear and lack of motivation. So move right away and have some coffee or do what you want, but if you actually try these nine tips, you’ll see a noticeable improvement in your trading performance.

Is It Indeed Possible To Know Market Timing?

Is It Indeed Possible To Know Market Timing? We might know the concept of market timing search process carried out by the traders or investors for the best timing to enter and exit the market, whether it is the stock market, bonds or currencies or futures.

Talking on the concept of market timing, which means essayed market participants from Step 2 Wealth System traders and investors know the right time to enter and exit from the market and not the working hours of the markets. Investors have repeatedly since the creation of the various financial markets to try to predict future trends of financial assets to search for the best times to enter and exit from the market in order to achieve the greatest possible return.

Market Timing

Market Timing

Therefore these individuals have developed multiple methods and theories in an attempt to anticipate price trends. It is still currently the concept of market timing is known as a continuing debate between the parties that support this concept and the parties who claim that market timing irrelevant in Step 2 Wealth Scam investment and trade. In this article we will talk about the concept of market timing does actually can be used to predict the prices of assets in the various financial markets
What is market timing?
We might know the concept of market timing search process carried out by the traders or investors for the best timing to enter and exit the market, whether it is the stock market, bonds or currencies or futures. Through the study of the technical data and historical price of the asset or through a macro-economic data, and to try to predict the future direction of this asset.

And usually does these traders to trade or invest in the short or medium term. It aims traders through the process to reduce their exposure to risk by trying to purchase at the lowest price possible and sell at the highest possible level, and vice versa in the case of entering into a short sale. These traders is not based on the underlying data is usually an asset, but an attempt to take advantage of the fluctuations that occur only in the short term.
Is market timing actually possible?
According to many investors, the market timing is impossible, and most of these investors are investors who are carrying out investment in the long term and who are called Bmsttmra “Buy and wait” (buy-and-hold investors), they rely mainly on fundamental analysis in making their decisions. And they support their opinion the theory of market efficiency, which states that an asset’s market price reflects most of the available information on the origin and therefore impossible to predict the direction of prices in the short term. Warren Buffett, the third is the richest man in the world and the most successful investor ever, one of the most supportive of the idea that the possibility of market timing is impossible. It is always advisable to look for companies that priced its shares to be undervalued and do purchase it because the price will rise over time.

Critics and supports the concept of market timing on the study of financial figures of the company Kalaaradat, market share, and net profits, financial indicators, because it is impossible to predict the direction of the market in the short term, because the markets in the short term is impossible to know the vagaries of unpredictable. Also, a study conducted by “Dalbar” an economic and financial research companies, and carried through which analyzed the performance of the two samples of the investors in the stock markets in the United States for 20 years, and the result was that investors who rely on market timing their performance was less than investors who buy and wait by 4.66%. Because the first category attempts to search for the best timing for the market were not successful.
So market timing just messes?
The answer is simply not in spite of the above, and the evidence on this is that there are many individual traders and institutions that have achieved great success by relying on Zman market trading in the short term, the best example of the famous “Renaissance Technologies” US hedge fund, which manages a total of 65 billion dollars of capital, and this is a hedge fund based on trading strategies ranging from fractions of a second (the so-called high-frequency trading) to a few days. This is the company of the most successful hedge funds at all / It is the year 2001 to the borders of 2013 was the worst annual return made by the company is 21%.

Nevertheless, market timing is very difficult, because the statistics indicate that most individuals traders who rely on market timing lose their money quickly. It may require a lot of effort and time to become a trader can rely on market timing and trying to figure out the best times to enter and exit. Due to volatile markets dramatically and can not predict future trends. And so that you can skip Market Timing, you must find or invent a strategy will provide you a statistical exploited for profit, meaning that total profits are always higher than the confirmed losses group, but did it feature you should do an experiment of this strategy on historical data to make sure of their ability to achieve positive results.

Diversify The Investment Portfolio And Domestic Financial Market

Diversify The Investment Portfolio And Domestic Financial Market; Diversify the investment portfolio investment strategy aims to reduce risk by combining a variety of investments, such as stocks, bonds, real estate and other asset classes, as well as geographical diversification of investment. And requires good management of the investment portfolio of the risks of Guaranteed Money System Scam investing in the assets and avoid measuring the direction of price movement in the assets of the portfolio was negative in the same direction accuracy.

And diversification of the investment portfolio is happening at two levels: the first asset allocation, and at this level is the distribution of the funds invested on a number of major asset classes (stocks, bonds, etc.).



The second investment distribution of the different investment options within a particular asset class, such as the distribution of the shares allocated to the various sectors of the investment. The aim of this diversification is to reduce risk in the investment portfolio. It is often volatility in the value of the portfolio is limited due to the lack of the possibility that all asset classes, or the performance of companies in different industrial sectors in the value price is moving at the same time or the same rate. And reduces the diversification of the pace of all of the ups and potential landing and allows more performance in line with the different situations of economic conditions, and may help diversify investors to balance and diversify the risk in their portfolios process, and can diversify the investment also includes a time scale of investments, which is supposed to conform with the investor’s objectives and the need for liquidity, such as short-term investments, medium-term and long-term.

But the global financial crisis showed that the diversification of investment portfolios had a limited impact, as any investor (individuals or institutional investors) investment type to include categories of assets investment variety, or invested in mutual funds, have suffered financial assets invested in the same drop any indication speed of the shares, contrary to what was many wealth management and investment managers believe that the investment categories were not much related to each other, and that investing in a diversified investment categories will reduce the risks. But, it may be appropriate to say that what happened was not able to diversify investments in the portfolio of investment protection can be interpreted that the global financial crisis, described as the worst crisis since World War II, has been long negative impact all economies and global financial markets, and greatly influenced the low investor confidence.

As for investment diversification of investment portfolios and the availability of investment tools and models required in our local market, despite the availability of some of those tools, but they are not commensurate with the size of the economy and financial market of the kingdom, where he represented in 2008 the Saudi economy of 17 per cent of the economic size of the area Middle East, and accounted for 43.7 per cent of the economic size of the Gulf cooperation Council (GCC). As for the size of the financial market represents 34 per cent of the size of the financial market for the Middle East, and accounted for 44.9 per cent of the GCC financial market size.

And thus may be useful to some vital additions made in the construction of the financial market framework commensurate with the size of the local economy and its position in the map of the economies of emerging countries, and provide a variety of investment options for domestic investor allows the possibility of building a diversified investment portfolio includes all investment asset classes, and most important: First, the availability of investment channels investment offers in different asset classes, because the investment opportunities for domestic investors with weak investment channels, and the limited opportunities for diversification in the portfolio investment to the investor in the investment asset classes, and the high cost associated willing to diversify their investment portfolio to invest in different asset classes. for example, despite there are some real estate investment trusts, but they often may target a certain segment of investors by setting the minimum subscription, and all real estate investment trusts available do not provide investment real estate a long-term oriented to own real estate assets could during which the investor to benefit from growth in the real estate asset values ​​over time with getting a regular income returns, in addition to that there is a real estate investment fund or non-real estate investment available through the trading units.

Second: The availability of the option of investing in government bonds, companies of all categories of investors (institutions / individuals) of strategic importance, an important part of the diversification of the investment portfolio choices, and therefore perhaps the presence of the depth of highly liquid government bonds and corporate market, and the existence of versions of government bonds for periods of different maturities, and the development of standard Reference interest rate Benchmark, as a tool to measure the financial return and the amount of risk than investing in bonds, yield curve yield curve represents the most important foundations of the financial market building.

Third, the financial market need to be some important instruments such as short-selling, and trading option contracts Options for the shares, and other tools, and so for its those tools of possibility and guarantees for money investor insurance, and create a balance and another dimension to the market. As well as the inclusion of some of the indicators for circulation to enable the investor to invest in them instead of several companies. And the availability of dual-listing of some companies from the regional markets. For example, the inclusion of CFD Society Scam companies or regional trading in the local market allows the investor the possibility of diversifying the investment portfolio at a lower cost with no exposure to the issue of the cost of changing the currency.


Although some believe that the diversification of the portfolio investment can be deducted seeking to obtain maximum returns of those who favored a high degree of risk, because it is mostly the investments allocated to different sectors and classes with different performance of assets, and therefore affects With different performance, and thus affect the overall performance of the investment portfolio, so I believe that diversification friend to those who wish to preserve the wealth with achieving some of the returns may not be high. Thus, it is likely that the global financial crisis, and losses resulting from fear and instability of financial markets means that many investors are looking to wealth preservation rather than maximizing revenue. The investment diversification helps to meet these goals, and perhaps the decline in investor confidence in financial markets supports the return of this kind of investment styles.