What is Ecommerce? How To Build a 7 Figure Online Business!

E-commerce is one of the modern expressions that has been introduced into our daily lives and has become used in many life-related activities that are related to the ICT revolution. E-commerce is an expression that can be divided into two parts. The first, “trade”, which refers to economic activity through the trade of goods and services between governments, institutions and individuals and governed by several rules and regulations can be said to be internationally recognized; It refers to a description of the field of trade performance, and is intended to perform business activity using media and 7 Figure Cycle methods such as the Internet.

eCommerce Business

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– The characteristics of electronic commerce:

The characteristics of this type of trade are characteristic of this type of trade, which makes it different from traditional commerce and makes it necessary to have a different regulatory and legislative environment than those that were sufficient to manage traditional trade.

The most important characteristics of electronic commerce:

(1) The international or international character of electronic commerce.

(2) improve the performance of business units through:

A) Product promotion

New channels for sales of existing products (New sales channel)

C) Direct saving,

 (D) Timely delivery of the service and product (Time to market)

Improving customer service

(3) new models of business.

(4) Developing business units in the technological direction.

(5) Cooperation and development.

(6) The absence of paper documents for transactions in electronic commerce.

(7) Dealing without disclosing the identity of the dealers or ascertaining them.

What is the difference between e-commerce and traditional commerce?

We will mention the difference between e-commerce and traditional commerce, but after we have a simple explanation of the word that combines them (trade).

Trade is the events and processes involved in the purchase or sale of goods and services. These operations are divided into the following categories

1. Marketing: It is the process of reaching customers, to provide them with information about the 7 Figure Cycle company, brand, products or services.

2. Sales: Transactions related to the treatment of actual sales, including the transaction itself.

3. Payment: The processes related to the buyer’s fulfillment of its obligations in the procurement process.

4. Compliance of requests: processes related to the seller’s fulfillment of his obligations in the sale.

5 – Customer Service: The operations of the subsidiary after the requests are met, to solve problems and questions, and also related to pre – sales support, and public questions and so on.

We can say that e-commerce and traditional trade do not differ in elements related to the purchase or sale of goods and services, but differ in how they are implemented. We all work in traditional trade, the trade that every individual, trader, body, company or enterprise trades in our daily lives. We know that traditional trade is tired, burdensome and expensive. It costs so much, such as rent, decorations, water, electricity, cleaning, offices, papers, salaries, administrative expenses and expensive marketing expenses, which are usually local marketing, at the level of the city where the establishment is located or at the state level.

E-commerce follows a non-traditional approach to reaching customers, but the way and type of marketing in the world.

It also generates huge returns, offset by a significant reduction in costs compared to traditional trade. E-commerce is done through a market to connect customers to merchants, which is the Internet Marketplaces.

Companies through e-commerce can better manage their purchases, supply, sales, transportation, and insurance.

E-commerce can also provide daily customer information, which undoubtedly reduces the cost of business transactions, because it eliminates the role of intermediaries between the seller and the buyer.

Payment is often made in electronic commerce through electronic credit cards, bank transfer and electronic checks.

I want to start selling online, and I need a full package

7 Figure Cycle enables you to sell products via the Internet easily and reliably. Take advantage of advanced e-platforms to create your e-store quickly and inexpensively, using practical and scalable e-commerce sites developed by our industry-leading partners. Our partners’ virtual platforms are effectively integrated with the 7 Figure Figure software and services solution.

Create your own store

7 Figure Cycle gives you an integrated solution to create and manage your online store designed by one of our industry-leading partners.

The Martjack platform: This platform offers you the opportunity to enjoy a complete package of comprehensive, integrated and cost-effective features, enabling you to quickly and smoothly create and manage your online store. Martjack offers you a range of tools that have a great impact on your customers, which effectively promote your products and contribute to increasing your sales. This solution can be integrated with all payment outlets, social networking links and other major electronic outlets.

ShopGo: Take advantage of the capabilities of this e-commerce platform in the Middle East and North Africa. This platform allows you to integrate with your local payment needs, shipping providers and other user interface features that support Arabic, making it easy and convenient to set up and expand your online store.

Create an account on the ecommerce site

To start using the 7 Figure Cycle shipping services, you must first create a special account for your company. After completing your company profile below, one of our delegates will contact you to complete the process of opening your new account.

Get the technical assistance you need

The integration of the system on your website with the data transfer architecture of our technology providers (orders, notifications, etc.) allows your customers to make purchases and manage transactions on their own. The 7 Figure Figure APIs allow you to link your company’s applications directly to the 7 Figure Cycle website. The 7 Figure Cycle APIs are very useful even if you already own an e-store and would like to combine some features with the 7 Figure Cycle delivery services. If you create your website with the help of one of our partners, your website will automatically integrate with the 7 Figure Figure software interface.

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