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Epix Trader Software How To Join In Epix Trader APP? With hundreds and thousands of articles written about the position of market trading with Epix Trader and with the emergence of new financial instruments every morning, I find myself forced to present my thesis on the most important trade factors of emotional impact.

Before detailing the main elements, I will present the ideas of two eminent persons. They both need no introduction because their work is as well known and respected throughout the world. I am sure you will be impressed by their views on the human soul.

“When you deal with people, remember that you do not deal with creatures made up of logic but emotional creatures.” Del Carnegie (1888-1955)

“Let us not forget that small emotions are in fact the real leaders of our lives and we obey them even without realizing their existence.” Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890)

In a seemingly rational world, it might be interesting to find such “rogue” ideas. There is nothing more bizarre than the belief that our thoughts moved not on the basis of our conscious mind but instead in the unconscious pulses of unconsciousness.

I would like to add another fact to this introduction so that you can fully understand this new approach to trade and any other business in general.

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The Institute of Health and Human Potential, with offices in the United States, Canada and Australia, is an educational and research organization that uses emotional intelligence to raise performance and leadership. 500 companies, top business schools in the world, professional athletes and Olympic medalists who are behind them to learn about their experiences.

According to their study, “the research of 160 highly performing individuals in multiple industries and different functional levels revealed that emotional impact was two times more important in contributing to excellence than thinking and experience alone”

Are you shocked? No at all. Our nature depends on acting according to emotional impulse without asking about the motivations behind it.

It is already known that there are two emotions that dominate the circulation are greed and fear. But what is less likely is how much these emotions affect our decisions. While amateur traders find them greedy when they lose and worry when they win, you will find professionals acting exactly the opposite, becoming scared when they lose and greedy when they win.

Simple psychological training can help you adjust your emotional responses, this is the experience you get in the “ring” that makes you understand how to deal with these primitive emotions.

We all hate to lose, not necessarily money alone. Morality is very effective as all professionals are fully capable of dealing with these emotions day after day. Although they also have some moments of stress due to financial losses, they have learned the most important rule in the financial market trade: losses are the cost of doing business. These have a high degree of ability to manage their emotions and are trained to apply whatever the degree of suffering of their “I”.

It seems easier to say what to do because, until the emotions get in the way, they may burn all the theories along with any trading plans.

Here are some easy steps that will help you start taming your horses.

– What you see is not what you will get, unlike what you have learned throughout your life. The way you behave is simply the result of years and years of learning and interacting with others and not your real attitude. You are the product of external education, which is not necessarily positive.

– In the long run, your forex trading is just a part of your whole life, along with your family, friends, your hobby and your long term goals and other diverse activities. I personally use the “mantra” very effective when I feel pain after the loss. Live to fight another day!

– Do not overlook the general picture. This is your primary goal. For a professional forex trader with Epix Trader, the primary goal is to protect your business owner. Keep a record of all your trades and learn your mistakes.

– If you want to get a very accurate picture about your business expectations, take a look at your daily emotional decisions. Most often, you will repeat emotional behavior in your career.

If you take your time to sit down a bit and observe your daily routines, the picture will be clearer to help you anticipate the obstacles you will face in your career career. Do you have a temperamental mood? Do you change your mind often? Are you able to maintain your commitment? Do you lose your temper easily? Do you look at the “empty half of the cup” or “half of it” in your life?

These qualities will not change just because you will start trading With Epix Trader. That’s why you should be very careful with your expectations. Establish them on both of your assets in parallel with your obligations until you get the exact picture.

This is just a beginning but one of the important topics in the lives of the few of us who have just started their business.

I have seen traders who use NLP (NLP) classes and are trained to practice Tai-Chi or abstract meditation. These are trying to get in touch with the invisible forces that operate in their deep insides, the vector of influence that controls their inner world.

The path to success in life has countless forms but you will find one common beginning, which was beautifully crystallized in the following adage, which was written with gold letters at the entrance to the Temple of Apollo in Delphi and attributed to Socrates, as well as many ancient Greek philosophers: NOSCE TE IPSUM (Know Yourself).

The magic of success remains within our grasp. We just need to find the stick!

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Epix Trader Software How To Join In Epix Trader APP?
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