Monaco Treasure Software How To Join In Monaco Treasure APP?

Monaco Treasure Software How To Join In Monaco Treasure APP? With the amazing development of the Forex trading market, you can see a significant number of traders losing all their money. Perhaps for their misfortune, they did not follow the simple guidelines I will give you successively. Follow these steps to give yourself the greatest opportunity to achieve all your goals.

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Monaco Treasure Software Results

1. Be yourself

To reach the elite level of Forex trading, you have to trust yourself and what you have learned in the area of ​​currency trading. You must have the intention to take all trading decisions on your own rather than relying on someone else’s ideas or abilities (or lack of them). In any case, you will need to fully prepare yourself before you risk any part of your money.

2. Accept your learning curve

If you are not a seasoned trader, you will certainly lose your money in the forex trade. This is almost certain fact. I am not saying this to you to push you away from trade in this area, but the opposite is true. Because in the end you will be trading in front of others who have realized this fact day after day, and with this you will not risk one cent until you have learned how to profit from Forex trading.

3. Select what type of traders you are

There are many ways to trade Forex ranging from being very active or having long patience. So you have to decide what style of trade is right for you. The best time to get to know this is when you are Monaco Treasure trading on a demo account, you do not have to make your learning efforts cost money.

4. Learn

Education is the shortest way to join the elite of forex traders. Regardless of your ultimate goals, you will reach this elite level more quickly as you get a superior education in Forex trading. Take your time to review the various options before deciding on which side you can trust in getting your learning needs. Attending Forex seminars will help you shorten your learning curve drastically.

5. Continue learning

So you can gain access and then maintain your superior abilities in the field of Forex, you will always have to add to your knowledge base. Your learning should never stop. In fact, one of the key points to consider when looking for a Forex course is whether it will allow you to continue learning. It is always great to maintain an unbroken relationship with the person or people who can help you achieve your desired goals.

What distinguishes professional traders from others is primarily their desire and ability to maintain their independence. A large number of traders prefer to rely on recommendations, trading systems or strategies or anything else you name. Those who take this approach can only assess their degree of professionalism as much as those who have surrendered to themselves.

A professional trader is who will always be the leader and winner. The decisions of these elite traders are calculated and analyzed more closely. They will make the decision without hesitation and will deal with the growth of their accounts in a predetermined manner and also not lacking in intelligence. Your Monaco Treasure Trading style has risen to the level of these and you will never regret it.

Epix Trader Software How To Join In Epix Trader APP?

Epix Trader Software How To Join In Epix Trader APP? With hundreds and thousands of articles written about the position of market trading with Epix Trader and with the emergence of new financial instruments every morning, I find myself forced to present my thesis on the most important trade factors of emotional impact.

Before detailing the main elements, I will present the ideas of two eminent persons. They both need no introduction because their work is as well known and respected throughout the world. I am sure you will be impressed by their views on the human soul.

“When you deal with people, remember that you do not deal with creatures made up of logic but emotional creatures.” Del Carnegie (1888-1955)

“Let us not forget that small emotions are in fact the real leaders of our lives and we obey them even without realizing their existence.” Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890)

In a seemingly rational world, it might be interesting to find such “rogue” ideas. There is nothing more bizarre than the belief that our thoughts moved not on the basis of our conscious mind but instead in the unconscious pulses of unconsciousness.

I would like to add another fact to this introduction so that you can fully understand this new approach to trade and any other business in general.

Epix Trader

Epix Trader Software Results

The Institute of Health and Human Potential, with offices in the United States, Canada and Australia, is an educational and research organization that uses emotional intelligence to raise performance and leadership. 500 companies, top business schools in the world, professional athletes and Olympic medalists who are behind them to learn about their experiences.

According to their study, “the research of 160 highly performing individuals in multiple industries and different functional levels revealed that emotional impact was two times more important in contributing to excellence than thinking and experience alone”

Are you shocked? No at all. Our nature depends on acting according to emotional impulse without asking about the motivations behind it.

It is already known that there are two emotions that dominate the circulation are greed and fear. But what is less likely is how much these emotions affect our decisions. While amateur traders find them greedy when they lose and worry when they win, you will find professionals acting exactly the opposite, becoming scared when they lose and greedy when they win.

Simple psychological training can help you adjust your emotional responses, this is the experience you get in the “ring” that makes you understand how to deal with these primitive emotions.

We all hate to lose, not necessarily money alone. Morality is very effective as all professionals are fully capable of dealing with these emotions day after day. Although they also have some moments of stress due to financial losses, they have learned the most important rule in the financial market trade: losses are the cost of doing business. These have a high degree of ability to manage their emotions and are trained to apply whatever the degree of suffering of their “I”.

It seems easier to say what to do because, until the emotions get in the way, they may burn all the theories along with any trading plans.

Here are some easy steps that will help you start taming your horses.

– What you see is not what you will get, unlike what you have learned throughout your life. The way you behave is simply the result of years and years of learning and interacting with others and not your real attitude. You are the product of external education, which is not necessarily positive.

– In the long run, your forex trading is just a part of your whole life, along with your family, friends, your hobby and your long term goals and other diverse activities. I personally use the “mantra” very effective when I feel pain after the loss. Live to fight another day!

– Do not overlook the general picture. This is your primary goal. For a professional forex trader with Epix Trader, the primary goal is to protect your business owner. Keep a record of all your trades and learn your mistakes.

– If you want to get a very accurate picture about your business expectations, take a look at your daily emotional decisions. Most often, you will repeat emotional behavior in your career.

If you take your time to sit down a bit and observe your daily routines, the picture will be clearer to help you anticipate the obstacles you will face in your career career. Do you have a temperamental mood? Do you change your mind often? Are you able to maintain your commitment? Do you lose your temper easily? Do you look at the “empty half of the cup” or “half of it” in your life?

These qualities will not change just because you will start trading With Epix Trader. That’s why you should be very careful with your expectations. Establish them on both of your assets in parallel with your obligations until you get the exact picture.

This is just a beginning but one of the important topics in the lives of the few of us who have just started their business.

I have seen traders who use NLP (NLP) classes and are trained to practice Tai-Chi or abstract meditation. These are trying to get in touch with the invisible forces that operate in their deep insides, the vector of influence that controls their inner world.

The path to success in life has countless forms but you will find one common beginning, which was beautifully crystallized in the following adage, which was written with gold letters at the entrance to the Temple of Apollo in Delphi and attributed to Socrates, as well as many ancient Greek philosophers: NOSCE TE IPSUM (Know Yourself).

The magic of success remains within our grasp. We just need to find the stick!

Forex Capital Markets and Foreign Exchange Transactions

The Forex market is the foreign exchange market in which currencies are bought and sold continuously for profit. Forex-related capital markets exist around the world where transactions never stop in cash markets. No matter where you are trading from Sydney or Tokyo, you will find a huge number of dealers and Forex brokers staring at their computer screens and on the phone to monitor changes that may affect their trade.

Forex markets are traded for profit through buying, selling and currencies. Currencies are sold and always bought in pairs. Let’s take an example to illustrate The Infinity APP forex trading

Let’s assume that a trader trades in the EURUSD (all numbers are mentioned for example only) Suppose he bought 10 thousand Euros on 1 January when the EURUSD price was 0.9600 and later sold EUR when the exchange rate At the beginning of August. This means that the trader will receive $ 11,800 and then win $ 2200.

Since all currencies are bought and sold in pairs, one has to decide which currency pair to trade with. In our example, the euro is called the base currency while the US dollar is called the currency of the offer or the opposite currency. If you buy the euro (in that case you sell the dollar), then you base your decision on the belief that the euro will rise in the future and therefore when you resell the euro and convert it into US dollars, that means you get more dollars or other profits.

If your assumption is based on the possibility of a rise in US markets, then you will change the direction of your trades and sell the EURUSD – so you are selling the EUR (at the same time you are buying USD). These US dollars can be sold at a later stage to make profits.

Working in Forex trading markets requires you to be aware that there are a large number of factors that affect currency trading. These include economic and political conditions, the risk of climatic disasters or a sudden increase in agricultural production, all of which play a crucial role in foreign exchange markets.

Trading in the Forex market is done through so-called exchange platforms. The Infinity APP Software provides Forex traders the ability to trade according to the instant data as well as analyzing the currency position in which they trade. In this situation, they execute the buy and sell orders as well as stop trading orders. These are all related to the Forex margin account and thus give Forex traders ample space to carry out their transactions using small volumes of investments. The Forex market is competitive where you can get a large credit through the institution or broker as well as the source and quality of information helps Forex traders to make more wise decisions and then gives them a great opportunity to make better profits.

The Infinity APP

The Infinity APP Results

How News Affect Forex?

Global financial markets are interdependent and highly dependent on financial statistics and macroeconomics. The Forex market is no exception. Major financial news, basic statistical reports and significant geopolitical events affect currency prices – the main instruments of the foreign exchange market. But nothing compares to seeing the actual effects of news on the Forex market. Here you will find three key examples of this effect.

Cash applications

News on monetary policy decisions by major central banks has an immediate effect on currency pairs. If the interest rate changes too quickly or too slowly, or when an unexpected suspension of interest rate changes occurs in the future, all of this will raise or lower currency pairs at the speed of light. When the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) announced the Federal Reserve’s first interest rate cut from 5.25% to 4.75% on September 18, 2007, after a long series of rate hikes, it was only to raise the EUR / USD upwards . On the hourly chart of USD / EUR we can see a jump in the price as the dollar lost part of its attractiveness coinciding with the low interest rate as the euro appreciated. The immediate reaction was followed by a strong bullish trend thereafter:

Macroeconomic data released

Macroeconomic data and reports on it are another important type of Forex news because of their strong and direct impact on currency rates. Quarterly GDP data for the US is one of the most impressive reports. If the quarterly change differs from the expected value or is above / below the previous quarter, the currency market will react with unexpected fluctuations. When the Bureau of Economic Analysis (US Department of Commerce) released its second quarter 2008 GDP report on July 31, 2008, there was a sharp rise in all dollar-linked currency pairs. The said change was 1.9%, lower than the expected value of + 2.3%. The following chart shows the hourly price action EUR / USD with a strong candle rally once the GDP report is published:

Geopolitical events

Some global geopolitical events have a significant impact on the Forex market. Wars, political scandals, elections, peace treaties, nuclear bomb tests and terrorist attacks usually result in such events with many consequences and expectations for those consequences. Currency prices respond to such events with price fluctuations that end with the end of old price trends and the formation of new long-term trends. The September 11 attacks on the United States were a major global event, followed by a series of unprecedented geopolitical events – the war in Afghanistan and Iraq, rising spending on the US war budget and an increase in financial debt in the United States. The monthly chart below shows the EUR / USD movement, this month has been a pivotal point in changing the trend from bearish to bullish. The dollar has since declined:

As you can see, the impact of news on the The Infinity APP Forex market can not be ignored. Whether you are trading in the intraday or long term, your currency positions will be affected by Forex news. This is why Forex traders should be keen to monitor all relevant news and make decisions in the market with respect to them.

Currency Correlation and How to Use It?

Currency is priced in pairs, although no currency pair moves in isolation from the movement of other currency pairs. This makes it necessary to understand the relationships between the currencies.

For example, if the currency pair “A” moves in the same direction as the currency pair “B”, let’s assume that we are closely following the currency pair movement. If we expect the currency to rise and then buy it but since we do not follow the B currency closely, if it happened suddenly and looked at the technical or fundamental analysis and we received a signal that the pair will start to retreat and accordingly we sold this pair. What will happen in the end is that we will end the trade on a Profit Ball profit from a pair and also on a loss for the other pair because both are going in the same direction. A similar situation may occur if we buy or sell two other currencies at a time when there is an inverse relation between them that makes each move in the opposite direction to the other direction.

Once we recognize the quality of these relationships and the extent of their change over time, we can benefit from this advantage to control the degree of exposure of our investment portfolio.

The correlation coefficient is between -1 and + 1.

The + 1 sign means that my currency pair will move 100% in the same direction all the time. The correlation-1 means that my husband’s currency will move in opposite directions 100% all the time. The zero correlation means that the relationship between the two pairs of currency is completely random.

Profit Ball

Profit Ball

Positive Engagement:

If the correlation coefficient is positive but less than +1, this means that the currency pairs are moving in the same direction but not at all times. If this positive value is close to + 1, this means that both currency pairs will move in the same direction at most times.

Negative relationship:

If the correlation coefficient is a negative value but less – 1 this means that my currency pair will move in opposite directions but not all the time. If the correlation coefficient is close to -1, this means that the currency pairs are moving in opposite directions in most cases.

So how can you take advantage of the relationship between currencies during forex trading? Well if your speed is increasing or decreasing on the highway due to traffic congestion at times, this will not really reflect the average speed at which you can end the route you go each time you use it. The correlation between currencies is dynamic and may change at any moment. Learn about the relationship over the last few days and then compare it with the degree of long term relationship, say for example last year. If the correlation coefficient in the short term is significantly different than in the long term, this may give you the opportunity to trade … but how? Let’s assume, for example, that the coefficient of correlation between currency pairs A and B of 0.98 last year. This means that both spouses move in the same direction most of the time. As the pair moves to the upside, the pair B is also moving towards the same high speed, but suddenly we noticed that during the week or last month the correlation coefficient between the currency pairs has become 0.10, meaning that both are moving in the same direction but at different speeds. For example, say two cars are moving toward the same destination, but one is running at 100 mph while the other is running at 10 mph. But we can assume that in the end both cars will have to walk fast one. So what do we do? Well we’ll see either of them walk slower and take it.

When we convert this example into currency trading, I assume that my currency pair is moving in the same direction, which was 0.60 over the long term but suddenly this relationship has dropped to 0.20 in the past few days. In this case, we will see who is moving slower and then buy it on the assumption that it will soon hit the other. On the other hand, the other currency pair can be sold if conditions change.

Energy Prices, Inflation and Forex

Oil futures rose to a record high of $ 70.85 on August 30, a day after Hurricane Katrina plunged the Gulf Coast coast of the United States. Although oil prices have fallen in the coming weeks, it is worth considering the effects of rising commodity prices and inflation on the foreign exchange or forex market, especially for the US dollar.

Traditional demand and supply factors have certainly contributed to the long-term upward trend in energy prices. The demand side of this equation has been under increasing pressure this year with a focus on rapid economic growth and the consequent increase in demand for oil in both China and India. However, the recent jump in oil prices can be attributed mainly to speculations related to this hurricane, especially in the futures market, as well as the limited and concentrated refining capacity in the United States on the Gulf Coast.

Economic data released in recent weeks have begun to reflect the effects of natural hurricanes such as Katrina and Rita, which swept through the Gulf of Mexico in the United States in August and September. These data reinforced the belief of the US Federal Reserve that the economy is growing at an accelerated pace, so inflation, not recession, should be a concern.

Employment data for September showed the first net job loss since May 2003, but this month’s 35,000 jobs decline was below market expectations. The consumer price index for the month showed its biggest monthly rise in nearly 25 years. However, when the volatile fuel and food components are removed, then inflation will rise by an average of 0.1%, which is lower than market expectations, as well as the assumption that higher fuel prices have not yet been translated into the basic reading of inflation levels.

Similarly, the September producer price index surpassed its previous forecast for the largest monthly increase in nearly 15 years. However, once the prices of fuel and food items are removed, wholesale prices will rise by 0.3%. However, this fundamental release of the producer price exceeded expectations, so one can conclude that high energy prices began to affect prices at the wholesale level and that it is not a matter of time before the price rises are passed to consumers. Retail sales, which came in below expectations, as consumer confidence fell to a 13-year low, rising energy prices are already beginning to weigh heavily on US consumer sentiment. So the question will be how this focus will be shifted in the retail sector, especially as the holiday season approaches, which is one of the main focus on Wall Street.

After the word “inflation” has become commonplace today, we expect the Fed to continue its policy of monetary tightening. The Fed raised interest rates by 25 basis points to 3.75% in September, its 11th consecutive increase since June 2004. Another hike is expected in October or at least an additional 25 basis points to be approved from November to December.

The rise in US interest rates in parallel with the growth of the US economy has been the driving force behind foreign inflows towards US Treasuries and the Profit Ball stock market, respectively. These flows translate into demand for the US dollar, which kept the greenback strong during September and October. While we can confirm that the stock market at this stage seems somewhat weak, the different picture of interest rates is supposed to make the US dollar attractive until the end of this year.

Rising interest rates and inflation fears are no longer confined to US policymakers or finance ministers from the G-20, which includes some of the major industrialized nations and some developing countries, and are expected to hold a meeting in Beijing this month. According to the statement issued on October 13, the rise in oil prices “may increase inflationary pressures and lead to a slowdown in economic growth as well as instability in the global economy.” This scenario is supposed to support the US dollar also because in times of economic uncertainty, The dollar, which is a “safe haven” currency, attracts large inflows into it. While we may see other countries starting to tighten their monetary policy, US interest rates are expected to remain high in the near future.

The recent move by the Yen Dollar above 115 level bodes well for the USD to gain additional gains within the 118/20 area. On the other hand, the July lows for EURUSD below 1.1868 should be broken below to stimulate further USD gains against the EUR. This move may shift attention towards the 2004 lows at 1.1759 – 78 initially but expectations are heading towards a sharp decline towards 1.1500.

In times of inflationary pressures, the US dollar tends to retreat against commodity currencies. Commodity currencies are the currencies of countries that achieve the bulk of their export earnings through the sale of primary commodities. The most notable examples of liquid commodity currencies are the Canadian dollar, the Australian dollar and the New Zealand dollar.

The dollar hit a 17-year low against the Canadian dollar as oil and metal prices surged. Although the US dollar has recovered from its current lows, the recent gains remain within the corrective range and therefore will likely continue the long term downtrend for the USDCAD. Similarly, the AUDUSD and the NZD are still consolidating below the important resistance lines with expectations of further gains in the short and medium term.

At some point, domestic inflation and the rise in the US dollar will draw attention to the US trade balance deficit as well as the balance of payments. Because US goods and services are becoming more expensive as the dollar rises, so consumers both inside and outside the country will start the event with other, more affordable goods. This is the main reason behind our belief that US stocks are in a weak position at the current stage. The downside risk in the Profit Ball stock market will certainly have a negative impact on the flows towards the US dollar and therefore the long-term downward trend in the dollar’s price is likely to re-impose itself.

The conventional wisdom in the field of financial services suggests that the allocation of between 5 and 10% of the portfolio of investment traders in alternative investments such as those offered by the CFC would be desirable to achieve the necessary diversity and protect the investor from unfavorable movements in the traditional asset class.

Pivot Points in Forex: Mapping Your Time Frame

It is useful to have a map that makes you able to see the position of the price relative to the previous market movement. In this way, we can see what traders and investors are feeling at any given moment, as well as give us a general idea of ​​the direction the market will take during the day. 1K Daily Profit Opinioni information can help us decide how to trade.

Pivot Points are a technology developed by traders in traditional trade rooms to help them see the price position compared to previous market movements.

By definition, the pivot point is a potential turning point. The same can be applied to the Forex market where the pivot point is the level at which the market sentiment or preferences may change from “bullish” to “bearish” and vice versa. If the market breaks above this level it can be said that sentiment or preferences or market trends are bullish and likely to continue to rise, on the other hand, if the market breaks below this level, this may indicate a change in the trend down and is likely to continue falling market . Also at this level, the market is expected to find some support or resistance, and if the price can not break the pivot point, recovery from that area is likely.

Pivot Points work well in heavily liquid markets such as the spot Forex market, but can also be used in other markets.

$1K Daily Profit

$1K Daily Profit

Pivot Points

In a few words, the pivot point or focus is the level at which the sentiment of investors and traders changes from bullish to bearish and vice versa.

Why are Pivot Points useful?

Pivot points are useful as many individual traders and investors use and trust them and the same happens with banks and institutional traders. Is known to every trader who knows that the pivot point is an important measure of the strength or weakness of any market.

Calculate pepot points

There are many ways to calculate pipot points. The way they are found to be the best in terms of the accuracy of their results is calculated by taking the average of the top, bottom and closing of the previous period (or previous session). Peppot Point

(PP) = (top + bottom + closure) / 3

For example, take the following information on or relating to EURUSD from the previous trading session:
Opening: 1.2386
Top: 1.2474
Bottom: 1.2376
Closure: 1.2458

The pivot point will be as follows,

PP = (1.2474 + 1.2376 + 1.2458) / 3 = 1.2439

What does this figure tell us?

In a simple way, this figure tells us that if the market moves to the top of 1.2439, this means that the buyers will win the battle and thus their ability to push the price higher. If the market moves below 1.2439, this means that the sellers are the ones who won the battle and therefore will have the ability to continue pushing the price down. In both cases, this situation is likely to continue until the next trading session.

As the Forex market operates 24 hours a day (there is no closing or opening from day to day), there is an eternal battle over which time will be based on the opening and closing levels of the top and bottom of each trading session. In our view, the times that give the most accurate predictions come from taking the opening price at 00:00 GMT and closing at 23:59 GMT.

Beside the base point calculation, there are also support and resistance levels calculated by taking the pivot point as a reference in this order. Support
1 (S1) = (PP * 2) – H Resistance
1 (R1) = (PP * 2) – L Support
2 (S2) = PP – (R1 – S1) resistance
2 (R2) = PP + (R1-S1)

Where H is the peak of the previous period and L is the bottom of the previous period

To continue with the example above we will find
PP = 1.2439
S1 = (1.2439 * 2) – 1.2474 = 1.2404
R1 = (1.2439 * 2) – 1.2376 = 1.2502
R2 = 1.2439 + (1.2636 – 1.2537) = 1.2537
S2 = 1.2439 – (1.2636 – 1.2537) = 1.2537

These levels are supposed to highlight support and resistance levels for the current session. In the example above, the pivot point was calculated using the previous period (the previous day) in 1K Daily Profit Opinioni way we can see potential support and resistance levels. But can also be calculated using the previous week or month data to determine such levels. By doing so we will be able to determine market trends over a long period of time. Also we can see potential levels that can provide support or resistance during the week or month. Calculating the pivot point on a weekly or monthly basis is usually used by traders in the long term, but it can also be used by short term traders, giving them a good idea of ​​the long term trend.

S1, S2, R1 and R2 …? Substantive alternative

As mentioned earlier, the Peabot Point Area is a well-known technique that works well because many traders and investors use and trust it. But what about other support and resistance zones (S1, S2, R1 and R2) that can be used to predict support and resistance levels through a mathematical equation that is somewhat personal. It will be difficult to rely entirely on this method simply because this equation gives us potential levels. That is why we have developed an alternative way to map a time frame, which is more simple but more objective and effective. We calculate the pivot point as mentioned above. But levels of support and resistance are drawn differently. We take the top and bottom of the previous session and then draw these levels on the chart today. This is repeated before the previous trading session. Thus we will have a fulcrum with four important levels drawn on the chart we are using.
LOPS1, the bottom of the previous session.
HOPS1, the top of the previous session.
LOPS2, the session low before the previous session.
HOPS2, the top of the session before the previous session
PP, point of reference.

These levels will tell us about the strength of the market at any given moment. If the market is trading at the highest point it can be considered in the context of a possible bullish trend. If trading above HOPS1 or HOPS2, this means that the market is already in a bullish direction and we can then think only of taking positions. If the market is trading below the pivot point it can be considered in the context of a possible bearish trend. If it is trading without LOPS1 or LOPS2, this means that we are actually bearish and we can only consider taking positions.

The idea behind this method is quite simple. We know that for some reason the market stopped at that area from going up or down during the previous session or the session that precedes it. We may not know why we may not need to know. We just know the truth: the market has reversed at this level. We also know that traders and investors remember this in the sense that they remember that the price has stopped here before and therefore there is a possibility that the market will re-emerge from that point again (perhaps because of this reason or maybe not) or at least find support or resistance in that region. What is most important in this approach is that the levels of support and resistance are measured objectively; they are not just levels drawn according to a mathematical formula, but their importance stems from the price reflection at those levels before and therefore the chances of renewed effectiveness are certain. Our way of charting is to operate in all market conditions whether they are in a certain direction or moving in a sideways position. As the market moves in a direction, ArbiCash will help us determine the strength of this trend and trading from important levels. While in the sideways markets we will see possible reversal levels.

Methods or Techniques for Trading the Forex Market

The Forex market offers tremendous opportunities for traders who can benefit from the high profitability potential in it as well as being an exciting market. The most important Forex market is the spot market due to the large volume of transactions in it. This market is called Fauri because transactions are settled immediately, or “immediately”.

Forex trading is also accompanied by high risk factors. Hydra APP Software is necessary to be familiar with and understand the applications of margin trading as well as the opportunities and challenges that can be received while working in the Forex market. There may be unique advantages to trading in the currency market, but you will have to fully understand how transactions work in this market. In other words, why would you have to enter a deal and how to be able to keep your mind calm and cool. Fear and greed are undoubtedly the enemies of a successful Forex trader.

There are two or two common methods in Forex trading. The first is the technical analysis which focuses on the price models and uses the graph to distinguish them. Technical analysis focuses on price action and market behavior. Using multiple and varied indicators you will be able to distinguish and mix the price patterns to use with your preferred index to confirm before entering the deal. It is not necessary to use a large number of technical indicators between 2 and 3 indicators will be very adequate especially if you are mixing these indicators with price models.

Technical indicators are usually available in most trading platforms and all related accounts are made by the program. The main problem when relying on indicators alone in Forex trading is the first time lag of the price and also is that you look on one side of the chart and then sit to watch what will happen. But what about the other side or aspect of the graph that tells you what has actually happened. This is one of the important aspects of trade, which is better known as the big picture. A good chart is invaluable if Hydra APP Software is able to help us identify good trading opportunities.

Forex Market

Forex Market

Momentum analysis is a measure of changing trends or trends in Forex trading over a given period of time. There are certain momentum indicators that will show whether the currency has entered overbought or oversold areas and these are also widely used and useful technical analysis tools.

II. BASIC ANALYSIS This type of analysis is seen as a product of political and economic events. Fundamental analysis involves the use of economic data, important political decisions or various social developments that affect price movements. Interest rates and unemployment rates are key economic data that can trigger huge market movements.

Trade based on fundamental analysis is a very effective way of predicting economic conditions but not necessarily able to predict the actual movements of prices in the market.

Do not stuff your mind with a lot of information because the best way is to keep your trading style simple and smooth. However, it is important to understand what fundamental analysis is so you have the ability to use it in Forex trading.

How to Make Forex Give the Lifestyle You Want

To become rich and make a lot of money in Forex, it is necessary for anyone to be serious in the pursuit of accurate knowledge of all matters of trade. It is true that you do not need to get a diploma in Forex trading but to succeed, investing time and effort in learning how to make a profit is a firm belief that can not be ignored.

Recently, many people have argued about the size of the opportunity Forex offers to achieve high income levels With Hydra APP. Are you tired of the monotonous life of the corporate world? Everyone comes to them at a time when they want to be free of all these constraints and enjoy the rich lifestyle of working from home and enjoying the wonderful things in life. The fact is that Forex may be a serious way to achieve this and therefore it is worth investing in it.

Forex trading has never been available to everyone. But thanks to the Internet and the advancement of technology, everyone has the opportunity in this world to fight to become rich and happy.

It is true that the costs of working in Forex are simple. You do not need a large amount to get started. There are abundant sources of trade information, flexible trading hours and great income potential, so all of us can start forex trading in one way or another.

It’s true that starting a business is easy for everyone but to be successful is quite different. To become profitable in all your trades, you will need to invest time in learning courses and also training on demo accounts to avoid losing yourself later. Some concepts such as muffing lines, FiboNachi levels, bowling bands, etc. are basic knowledge that any forex trader must have.

But getting a good knowledge of these concepts is not all you need, fear is your arch enemy. To become a winning trader, the only thing that will free you from fear is learning. When you learn the trading methods you will feel more confident in the trading plans that you will develop. You must also understand that losses at times are unavoidable and even happen with the richest investors in our world today. If you understand all of these things completely it is impossible to remain poor after you start your Forex trading.

Do you really want to change your lifestyle for the better? A successful Forex trader must be armed with science and psychological preparation. This is the only way to make the market work for you.

Invest in learning Forex. You’ll always be happy about it.

The Infinity Code Training Program Should Buy It?

Trade can generally be defined as meeting the needs of the consumer at the right place, at the right time and at the right price. The Infinity Code E-commerce is the kind of trade done using an electronic medium both within and outside the political boundaries of a country, Its legality or the law to which it is subject, and which use electronic means of contracting and payment.

The Infinity Code

Electronic commerce can be divided into three types, taking into account the position of the parties to the transaction:

Type 1: direct distribution of The Infinity Code business to consumers between the product or the distributor and the final consumer of the goods and payment is made through credit cards or digital accounts.

Type 2: Business to Business. Two companies are dealt with in the business sector and payment is made through direct transfer or digital accounts or electronic banks.

Type III: Intra Business Closed business is also between companies, but it is characterized by the limited parties to deal does not allow a company outside this range to enter or see the details of transactions.

The Infinity Code

The Infinity Code Results

Definition of e-marketing:

“A commercial transaction based on interaction between the parties to exchange electronically instead of direct physical contact”

Or “sale and purchase of goods and services over the Internet”

These definitions, despite their validity, do not include the vitality of electronic marketing, which is the hallmark in the application and practice of electronic marketing, which involves a state of uniting the changing needs of customers and modern technologies, which lead to revolutionize the way in which the work, We consider The Infinity Code e-marketing to be the technology of change, because of the fundamental transformations in the course, philosophy and marketing applications that can be identified below

The traditional exchange process starts with marketers and ends in where they control. In the age of the Internet, customers have defined the information they need and offers that respond to their needs and desires and the prices that suit them. Therefore, electronic marketing has launched the term reverse marketing

B – The criteria used to evaluate the performance of marketing activities have become the highest position in the age of the Internet, where customers through websites looking for products of high quality and appropriate prices and services faster and better.
Marketing exchanges are no longer about a single exchange. In the Internet age, however, Internet marketers are working to satisfy their needs and desires by offering a variety of value-added goods and services that customers understand and appreciate.

There is no doubt that there is a diversity in the nature of The Infinity Code marketing functions on which the websites of the electronic companies depend, because of the different vital functions that these sites can perform. There is the function of communication and establishing continuous relationships with customers, the function of electronic sales as a form of direct marketing, For some things, such as Islam way, Jumbo, yahoo, the functionality of providing a business network, such as access to content provided by third parties, and a kind of exchange for the customer’s account or assistance, such as e-bay.

Electronic marketing has been characterized by certain characteristics, the most important of which are:
Automatic feature of marketing functions, especially in jobs characterized by repetition and measurability

 Quantification, such as marketing research, product design, sales, inventory management.

The complementarity between the marketing functions of each other and with the parties concerned with the maintenance of customers, which is called the approach of customer relationship management, which developed into what is known as interactive marketing

  Marketing interactive, has been associated with these two aspects of the two electronic marketing:

The silent marketer’s entrance, the entrance of active participation.

E-shopping opportunities:

 The current time is witnessing the re-engineering of the marketing process and the increasing trend towards electronic marketing and move most of the companies towards the electronic market to take advantage of the possibilities and advantages of electronic marketing, especially that companies that pioneered the adoption of electronic marketing entrances have been able to set new competitive standards, on the other hand, E-marketing has created a sophisticated shopping environment that will provide customers with greater comfort and pleasure in finding and satisfying their needs.

The most important opportunities and benefits of e-marketing for both companies and clients can be identified in the context of globalization and a changing business environment:

1. Access to global markets:
Studies have confirmed that e-marketing leads to the expansion of markets and increase the market share of companies by 3-22% due to the global spread. The electronic marketing allows customers to obtain their needs and choose from the products of international companies regardless of their geographical location. With commas and geographic borders.

2 – Supply of goods and services according to the needs of customers:
Through e-marketing, marketers find a greater opportunity to customize their products according to e-cutomization needs in line with customer expectations and to match the specificities of each customer. The communication and interactive capabilities of e-marketing have achieved a quantum leap in customer satisfaction and satisfaction.

3. The development of website technology:
 The speed of technological developments in the design and development of websites and enhance their effectiveness and competitiveness is one of the most important challenges to the continuity of these sites and the success of electronic marketing through them.

4. Language and cultural barriers:
That language and culture are the most important challenges that hinder the interaction between many customers and the home of many websites, so there is a need to develop software that will make a quantum leap in the translation of texts into languages ​​understood by customers, as well as the need to take into account cultural barriers and customs and traditions and values ​​so as not to be a barrier to Use of commercial sites.

5. Privacy and security:
Confidentiality and privacy are the challenges that hinder and affect the acceptance of some customers to the idea of ​​shopping online, especially since the process of electronic exchange needs to obtain some data from customers such as name, type, nationality, address, payment method, etc., so there is a need to use software to maintain Privacy and privacy of e-commerce transactions such as cookies

6. Lack of confidence in electronic payment methods:
The method of payment by credit cards online is the most forms of payment linked to the electronic marketing, and the process of money transfer in the core of any online business transactions of the most challenges to the electronic marketing, so there is a The Infinity Code trend towards the use of special software to secure electronic payment methods, Such as Secure The Infinity Code Electronic Transaction.

7. Special challenges for developing countries:

A – Lack of infrastructure necessary for this type of modern trade.
B – the lack of clarity of the future vision of electronic marketing of corporate managers.
C) The high material cost of switching to electronic marketing.
Customers do not accept the idea of ​​buying online for their sense of the risks related to the quality of goods and their desire to check them before purchasing.
C – Lack of computers I have a large proportion of citizens in developing countries.
(H) Lack of widespread Internet penetration in some developing countries.
The slow internet and the difficulty of navigating through websites in some developing countries.

Forex Trading Indicators and the Ever-Changing Market Conditions

Once you enter the world of Forex Trading you will notice immediately the need to use technical analysis to find trends when looking at the graphs and also the importance of being aware of the point that started the trend from then you can ride it to the end. The Forex market is heavily tilted to the trend as you can see many ups and downs in short periods of time and therefore this is where technical analysis is necessary and very effective.

Forex Trading

Forex Trading

But you should always remember that the indicators give you only high probability expectations about market behavior during the trade, but they will never tell you the actual behavior of the currency rates in a complete certainty.

If you want to become a Forex trader you will need to use many technical indicators and as much as you can you should create a personal Binary Option Club trading strategy based on a combination of these indicators in order to know the right direction as accurately as possible. In other words, the Forex trader will try to distinguish the main direction, the medium direction and the short term trend and accordingly he is building his trading in this direction based on his rules and telling him the time period in which he can keep his trading center open.

Forex markets are constantly changing, which is why you should always have open standards when using technical indicators. Markets will always change, so using different combinations of technical indicators will be necessary over time to get the most accurate and most likely prediction regarding future currency behavior.

If market movements show the correctness of your judgment, then you should consider staying with the current market trend and then maximizing your profits with each trading center in accordance with your own risk-return and capital management rules. If you find yourself facing a bad day in the market when it moves against you, the smart investor will take its profits and exit quickly from its current trading. In a narrow market, when prices do not move much in a specific direction but in a limited range of movement, there is no point in trying to anticipate major market movements that will come later.

If you should always be attentive and able to use a large number of different indicators to keep up with the market and become a winning trader by the end of the day.

Forex Traders Need to Know About Crossing Currency

Why crosses the road? No, this is not what Forex is meant to cross.

Cross currency in Forex is one of the most profitable ways to make money for many investors. Forex is different from any other type of market in the world. The exchange market is characterized by high liquidity, where the circulation of more than two trillion dollars a day. The three currencies most commonly used in the Forex market are the US Dollar, the Japanese Yen and the Euro. These currencies are traded in a way that exceeds the circulation of any other types of currencies.

With the currency exchange market so large, it is highly liquid. Cross currency in Forex allows a great deal of flexibility for the trader and the investor. Forex gives the trader the opportunity to buy and sell currencies quickly as he is not trapped for any type of investment. While investors use online trading in the form of currency crosses, the trading platform can be prepared in advance according to the trader’s preferences. If trading trends do not move in the expected course, the trading platform can be set up to stop trade and then allow the trader to reduce losses during the Forex trade.

Learning to trade in the Binary Option Club Scam Forex market can also be profitable and exciting. In order to successfully trade in Forex it is necessary to understand how the market works and also the terms and trends associated with it. Brokers and financial institutions are usually the best way for traders to learn how to use Forex to make profits.

When an investor or any other individual wants to trade a particular currency against another, this is called currency swaps or currency crosses. Cross Currency is the main objective of forex trading. For example, if a company or investor has US dollars and wants to trade against the Japanese yen, the broker will allow them to do so in the Forex market. Many investors trade currencies in order to generate profits. When a particular type of currency is bought at a low exchange rate, the currency can be resold as soon as the price rises and profits are generated.

Learning to cross currencies in the Forex market may be a bit complicated. The main factor in Forex trading is that you have knowledge about how the market works. In addition, there are other advantages to trading using Forex. Cross-Currencies Give traders the leverage they need to make huge profits while minimizing the risk of capital loss. In ideal circumstances, an investor who deposits $ 500 in his accounts can earn more than $ 100,000. T

The currency segment also allows traders and investors to make a profit whether in the event of a market rally or fall. This is also one of the differences between the stock market and the exchange market. In the stock market, an investor can only make money when stock prices rise in the “bearish” market when stocks fall, investors can not make any profits. While with currencies in Forex, this is not true. This is one of the most attractive things to trade in the Forex market as investors can make huge profits by trading a currency pair either up or down. Intersection of currencies in the right direction always earns profits.

Another advantage of Forex trading or currency crosses is that ArbiCash always stays open. When trading in the stock market, the possibility of trade remains limited at times when the market is open. This market has times to close during the week. This is not true in the Forex market, which remains open all the time and does not close at all, so traders benefit from the possibility of trading 24 hours a day via the Internet.

Learning Forex Trading may be easy when the investor goes with an experienced broker or financial institution. Also, there are many ways to learn how to trade in Forex through free trial accounts available on the Internet. These sites offer valuable sources and free ways for the new investor to enable him to practice Forex. This is very important for those who want to identify the entrances and exits of the currency exchange before they start to open a real account. Mini Forex accounts are also a good way for a novice investor to let him trade Forex without risking the usual calculations. The Mini Account allows traders to use a small amount of money as their initial investment.

Think About The Risks Of Crises

Think About The Risks Of Crises Has changed a lot of risk behavior and responsiveness to market views since the beginning of the beginning of the global financial crisis, while it does not seem that the main prevention measures did not provide additional thing seems to predict the risks became unavailing, and companies face managing acceptable risk challenges, and in his Omnia Investments APP Review discusses, a professor of science Finance and banking at the College of Business (IMD)) Switzerland (best practices for companies that used during the crisis to face the risks and seize the opportunities.
Uses valuable danger kept thinking of a future office and reports of the danger that is used to put the board members to sleep, is no longer the case, it has increased concern on the impact of the risk a huge increase, and gained those companies that have developed special skills and which has a flexible and nimble in receipt of risks is an important feature.

We find that the best practices are limited to four dimensions are:

Examination of physical health _ why we are going for?

Examination Mental Health – Can we put our hands on the right problems?

Strategic examination – Are we doing the right moves?

Examination of control – Are we enough awareness continuous Palmkhtr?
Perhaps it governs the lack of any of these dimensions of the company failing or non-implementation, and when times were stable, this is often not noticed, though, so the denial is no longer acceptable today, become the funds are scarce and dwindling supply Fund strongly and become more difficult competition, however, and even under the current circumstances, and will some kills well, despite all the benefits, it will be the work of wealth, but to achieve this, it is important that Omnia Investment companies must focus on all four dimensions that ensure awareness of the danger.

Daily Trading

Daily Trading

Health screening: technical risks

First and foremost, the physical health examination is necessary, and now should be on every company should be aware of where she is damaged and, ideally, you will also be aware of where it came from complaints customers and suppliers, and in spite of the existence of the economic crisis, but some companies still seem at a loss when faced with difficulties, however, we need Epeshkla urgent to open our minds to understand the new risks and prepare ourselves to them, and Inma even good preparation can never prevent the risk entirely, but it helps organizations rapid and diligent to interact with danger.

May come threats and opportunities from several different and unexpected sources, for example, has contradicted a large the traditional view of the banks about the danger the survival of the market, credit or operations, and suddenly gathered became risk complicating interdependent and connected, and directs capital and the disruption of markets and the volatility of all values ​​boost display and one to the side of the creditor and the side-by-market operations and banks, and therefore we can not rely on the old estimate must be reviewed Khtttna, and for that we propose four operations the following steps in order to excel at the technical risk.

1. Identify your risk.

Risk identification is very htm to make you follow the approach climb from the bottom to the top, and often reduces your employees – whether

It was one person or one department – the big picture, and despite the fact that the views of senior management should be developed

Ahead of the summit approaches, which amounts to the bottom through open lines of communication in the company.

One of the well-known companies and start when the danger was told their board of directors has decided to conduct a comprehensive survey comprised

Most of the Omnia APP workers, after the data collection Council has told their findings: In most of the staff was evaluating

Commitment (VAT) estimated constantly alarming high impact, which nonetheless reverse effect, and perhaps lead


That it has been found by workers survey to biased results if they were to leave the viewpoint of senior management completely, however, remains unchanged summit approaches, the bottom and listen to different viewpoints important as the following example illustrates: in April 2007 told the dealer in the (UBS) about the existence of difficulties in products designed a sub-boss John Costas, the difficulties may be in a run by John Costa, a strong signal to the senior management’s (UBS), was head of the office recognize the signs and closed Costas device and incorporated into the investment Bank’s (UBS) with weak risk identification, and the results they talk with themselves.

Perhaps the old ways need to identify risk to the audit, and in this medium proves re-think we are beginning to take a grant (such as bank deposits) which may become the essence.

2. assess your risk

After identifying risks, the risk assessment is crucial to a better understanding of potential scenarios, and it seems impossible for a good analysis of the risk factor by definition they carry the unknown, and so the role of such assessments help the growth of awareness and develop a common language that can be used in communication and expectation.

And a lot of tools available to assess the risks, and recommended to use multiple tools for large investments or in sensitive areas, and sensitivity analyzes (graphs of Hurricane repressive or graphs spider) and scenarios and Monte Carlo simulation, all useful addition to the actual valuation carried out by such as those people Almqarbin of risk factors, The goal is not to increase the paper work, but to create awareness of the impact of the real danger.

Does Have Small And Medium-Sized Enterprises An Advantage?

Does Have Small And Medium-Sized Enterprises An Advantage? It is well known that small and medium-sized enterprises are an important catalyst for growth, development and diversity of the countries at all stages of development. Despite the established concept of 100K Factory Revolution entrepreneurship in the Gulf Cooperation Council and the large size of the sectors of small and medium-sized companies in the Gulf countries, but there is still the capabilities of a wonderful diversity and sustainable job creation has not been utilized yet. Dr. Stephen Hertog lecturer at the London School of Economics and Academic Director of the International Institute for Family Business addresses at length the challenges and trends in small and medium-sized companies in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

Family Businesses In Switzerland

Family Businesses In Switzerland

Describes an extensive study made from 2008 to 2010 in cooperation with the rooms of European trade, the Chamber of Commerce German Emirates and the Federation of Chambers of Commerce of the Gulf Cooperation Council [1] that small and medium-sized companies the Gulf often focus on low-profit activities and employ the proportion of foreign workers is even greater than those employed other private companies. To overcome the current limitations of 100K Factory Revolution there is a need to reconsider the government support policies and orientations as well as companies on human resources and corporate governance.

Small and medium-sized companies in the Gulf region: what we know and what we do not know about

Data on small and medium-sized companies in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) are often on the total number and what it represents the percentage change in each sector and the total contribution to the labor market are limited. And are not available until now in the Gulf region in general, the 100K Factory information listed in the statistics of small and medium companies in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) countries, such as profitability or continuity rate or capital cycle.

However, describes the general features that define the sectors of small and medium-sized companies in the Gulf that small and medium-sized companies comprising at least 90% of all companies in all countries of the region. A large percentage of small businesses in the trade sector as well as other important sectors such as small workshops, hotels and restaurants and construction work, while less importance in industry and other sectors that require possession of a large capital.

Small and medium-sized companies in the Gulf tend to be low-profit small activities and service activities. The division of these companies on various sectors in mature markets is more of diversity and balance.

It provides companies with 100 jobs to the proportion of employees between 40 and 63% of the private workforce official in the various GCC countries, compared with about 60% in the European Union. In the cases of the Gulf Cooperation Council, where we find small and medium enterprises and micro, it is clear that in spite of the numerical dominance -companies infinitely Alsgralta has 10 employees in the formal labor market rather modest – they provide between 10 and 30% of total official employment opportunities in various Gulf cooperation Council (GCC). When compared with their counterparts from the infinitely small European companies, we find that the rate of up to about one-third of all private sector jobs across the continent.

This is the GCC log Gulf weak in particular with respect to the employment of citizens, where it is estimated that 98% of the staff of small and medium-sized companies in Saudi Arabia are expatriates, while the arrivals in the private sector, the proportion of the whole in Saudi Arabia to nearly 90%.

The 100K Factory Revolution Bonus data on the contribution of small and very limited for small and medium-sized companies in the Gulf of the national economy. But because small and medium-sized companies pay, on average, lower wages and running in less profitable activities and less vulnerable to the heads of big money compared to large companies, the rate of contribution to the private economic activity lower than in private sector jobs, with potentially up to 30% and no more, It was much less than the contribution of their counterparts in the European Union, where the ratio is approaching 50%.

There is a lot of innovation and dazzling growth among small and medium-sized companies in the Gulf States stories. However there is no contribution to the total cross section of small and medium-sized companies are still in the diversification of activities and hire a few people to some extent. What are the factors that hinder the role of small and medium-sized companies in the Gulf modernize the economy?


Are similar to many of the problems that hamper the development of small and medium-sized companies in the Gulf with those in developed countries and developing countries in general, while there are other things limited to the Gulf region alone.

Access to a single funding from the general problems Alshahyrh.ofaqa to a study by Dan and Bradstreet, the banks in the UAE in 2008 refused to about 50 to 70% of applications for loans from small and medium-sized companies due to the high risk and the failure of the applicants to meet the requirements for obtaining a loan . 55% of small and medium-sized companies can not get the loan that she needed. In contrast, in the EU and in spite of the recent economic crisis, more than 70% of the companies got all or part of the bank loan requested, while categorically refused to about 15% and this according to an extended study of the European Union included in 2009.

Aattabrohd reasons that may make local banks avoid lending to small and medium-sized companies is relatively large administrative effort when dealing with them. However, in many cases they are rejected loan applications for a strong justification: such as poor and primitive accounting skills of many managers of small and medium-sized companies; and there is often a lack of feasibility studies and business plans. Moreover, the implementation and collection of the guarantees in the local courts are sometimes slow procedures.

Delegated managers expatriates to do the daily operational processes dropped, especially in the smaller Gulf states and in the front-Financial resources leads to a reduction of innovation and the acquisition of skills among owners of small and medium-sized companies. As long as there is the possibility of achieving a steady flow of income through a few activities profitability and a little effort on the part of the owner, it will continue to be an aversion to innovation and risk aversion prevalent in small businesses.

The business model in the Gulf tend to the individual clearly, where there is little cooperation among small and medium-sized companies with regard to procurement and supply chain and marketing. And it could mean a lack of business planning and low profit margins as well as limited access to skilled labor. SMEs often suffered low wages to its employees with the absence of plans for professional advancement or expectations in the long term.

As small and medium-sized corporate governance continue to exert a lot of effort in dealing with local bureaucracies While become investment easier for big investors in the GCC environment, it is still often burdensome for smaller companies, and this is what makes it more difficult Altenbabaloamal and thus undermines term investment opportunities run. A study conducted by the Riyadh Chamber of Commerce that the bureaucracy is the most important obstacle to the development of small and medium-sized companies in Saudi Arabia:

The most important obstacle to the development of medium and small companies, according to the study of the Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Governments have undertaken the task of developing small and medium-sized companies, it has appeared several support programs during the past decade. However, these programs are still far apart and unrelated studies and follow-up operations and the systematic evaluation of the results of policies are rare and few. It was possible to innovative models for business services and custody services developed in the emergence of some regional institutions look better if the preparation of such reports.

One can criticize the idea that a lot of software continues to provide direct financial support to fund the projects, whether they are viable or not, without distinction between them, and each provides services easier it will be provided through private business services companies.

Small and medium-sized family companies as companies

It considers almost all small and medium-sized companies in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) are family businesses, and therefore the challenges of small and medium-sized companies become challenges for family businesses as well. And the opposite is true, as faced by small and medium-sized companies the usual problems in family businesses, such as the distinction between ownership and management and prepare succession plans and the separation of the family for the company’s financial hand things and many others.

It may make it difficult family dominance of attracting qualified managers from outside the process, and the focus of the authorities in many family businesses may pay as well as family members of people with talent to leave the company, which will aggravate the position of human resources for small and medium-sized companies.

The existence of structures and systems are not fixed low-profit company usually means that there is not a lot to be handed over to the next generation. Family links provide confidence, but when you think it might replace formal governance systems, usually the result is the deterioration of the company’s once changed family circumstances. The average age of small and medium-sized companies in Saudi Arabia is 7 years, reflecting in turn decrease the continuity of these companies rate. It is recommended that governance reforms in the Gulf of small and medium companies, not only to transform them into productive businesses with higher value added, but to preserve the wealth of the family as well.

The need for higher value-added

The challenge is not for the sectors of small and medium-sized companies in the Gulf region in the quantitative growth overall, and that has been achieved through continuous fetch foreign labor process, which had a relatively small return in the long run for the citizens. But a challenge is the qualitative growth of the shift to the technical and administrative sectors of the most complex and sophisticated allow the diversity of products, and wages and profits large enough that the staff needed from citizens. To achieve this goal, we must overcome the current model for small and medium companies, which is based on the provision of all companies for the same service and low-profit products.

This change should stem from within companies, but on some levels to help governments can, for example:

Use of leading national bodies to coordinate and evaluate the support of small and medium-sized companies policies and collect the information available and then merge them available to the public.
Limiting the concentration of support on the sub-sectors with higher value added, and that can provide employment opportunities for the citizens policies.
Direct support for small and medium-sized software companies to provide the environment that allows for the growth of these companies instead of relying on subsidized loans and business support services free.
Strengthen cooperative systems between small and medium-sized companies in marketing and purchases and share infrastructure and business services.
Measure the performance of the existing support programs through monitoring tests and publish the results.
The establishment of outlets dedicated to supporting small and medium-sized companies and governmental bodies.
Under the right circumstances, can the GCC family businesses and small to become a primary catalyst to provide job opportunities for citizens and diversity on a large and comprehensive framework. In Europe, companies that have 250 contributed to an employee of increasing employment by 85% from 2002 to 2007, is necessary to the existence of an enlightened policy of small and medium-sized enterprises to overcome the social and economic challenges that young people and the unemployed in the GCC countries will face in the coming years.